Always associated the development of any society to education and the level of knowledge of the human, so keen most countries that make people have the largest amount of knowledge, so library over time is a symbol of science, knowledge and culture, either at the present time and with the development that we live in all ways of life, became imperative for libraries to evolve too. The basic standards that rely on peoples' libraries are classified according to the modern times.

Libraries have always been dependent on education and knowledge that is why there is a relationship between knowledge and libraries, so to see the level of knowledge of the students you have to know the percentage of their attendance to libraries. Has previous generations interested in the knowledge considered "entertainment” or maybe the only, education and knowledge, which is the key factor for libraries? At the moment, it is no longer fun as it was in the past, so you need libraries to equal combine entertainment and knowledge to attract students to the libraries.

That is why libraries were always trying to keep up with technology, so students do not leaves it. However, the presence of few libraries has been insisted until now the traditional method for libraries which has the same approach libraries in the nineteenth century. Thinking on the grounds that, the traditional method is the correct method for the library, but with time, it was discovered that this method helped reduce the number of visitors to libraries. This is particularly especially with the emergence and expansion of Internet usage

Also, there are many reasons made use of the library a private thing of the past for the new generation, because of the rapid change in technology, so there are several reasons put libraries in a difficult situation, and became an annual lose large numbers of students. The first reason is the large number of entertainment styles that made students not cares much to the development of knowledge. Secondly, the Internet, which shortened the time from weeks to a few seconds. Thirdly, stronger reasons for the reluctance of students for which e-books libraries, which made it possible for any man in the world download any book would like to read it anywhere and not necessarily be in the library.

On the other hand, there are many developed libraries to increase the number of students her, through the addition of changes may be considered drastic changes, and with additions such as free internet for each student who sits within the university, and a cafe offering beverages warm and cold rooms. To study, the student is able to sit out and devote himself entirely to the study. When we can classify the library to be a modern library must contain certain specifications? Yes, this is what I showed him in these papers.

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  Of the key things rated the library as a modern library, is the availability of facilities for people with special needs, a competent system gates, elevators, chairs suitable to put them. Specialized equipment for the blind which is not in Shafer library such as audio books, voice commands, appropriate buttons to help them on the tables, braille books and magazines, books in large print and videos which provide a narration describing the on-screen action.

In addition, each library must contain free access to the internet to attract students to sit in the library. Even if one does not want to study or learn, students also became more adopted to E-papers and E-articles “PDF”.  Since in our time there is a "Free Internet Access" attractive too for any student, because the internet has become entertainment, education, and social life. So nobody can live without internet, whether in the library or elsewhere.

Elements contained in the library are a modern coffee shop, especially those brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin 'Donuts and Tim Horton. The modern times changed library concept of the place came to read a book to a place enjoying the student. The priority of knowledge, it became the expression "Study with a cup of coffee" common among students perhaps more than in the United States, this definition turned into a kind of cool.

 According Amazon the famous website, which highlights that since it was released the first version of their Tablet, sales of e-books became continues to grow, so that in recent years. Amazon sells 114 e-books to every 100 printed hardbacks, this means people want to use e-books, which contain specifications help more at ease search and save time and access to the information required minimal effort. For every modern library must to contain Books or other words Tablet PCs, they are placed on each table and disposal of the student to be able to access any book, magazine, and the article in an easy to read and write.

Moreover, In addition, the factors that make the library modern rooms are studying. The most important characteristic of the library is the silence that surrounds. It is used delirious "feature that may not be available in a place other than the library," to be a place to study effective. This idea is widespread all over the world and is also present in the Schaffer library, and in order to be more effective is advisable to develop decor and tables and chairs.

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