Produce a complete diagram/family tree of a local professional soccer team.

In football, 4 fundamental positions exist. These positions include first and foremost, Goal Keeper. Other positions include Defender, Midfielder and Attacker. The principal family tree of Los Angeles Galaxy football club is given in appendix I. The coach of LA Galaxy is Bruce Arena. He is amongst the most triumphant coach as much as the United States of America National Team history is concerned. He was appointed as the General Manager and also as the Head Coach of the club on the eight month (August) of the year two thousand and eight (2008). He is the 7th coach in the history of LA Galaxy. His task involves supervising football operations. These operations consist of Training, scouting and player recruitment.

Two key players of Los Angeles Galaxy

David Beckham

David Beckham joined the club from Real Madrid (Spain) in the year two thousand and seven (2007). He is a right midfielder. Beckham has played a big role in raising the international profile of Los Angeles Galaxy since joining the club. Upon joining the club, he assumed the captaincy role. The club has witnessed an increment in the number of fans attending matches. This increment in the number of fans has been attributed to Beckham's presence in Los Angeles football club.

London has basically been the catalyst on offense in Los Angeles Football Club. He is striker and has on many occasions been named either the player of the month or the player of the Year as far as USA football league is concerned. Additionally, he has played in 3 World Cup tournaments for United States of America. Donovan is believed to be the most successful player as much as the history of Los Angeles Football Club is concerned. His reputation has contributed to the growth of the club in terms of both fans base and revenue collection (Galaxy, 2010).

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Goalpost is defined as the poles that are situated at back of a football pitch. Typically, football teams score goals and additional points via the goalposts. The goalpost is made up a post and a crossbar. Additionally, it consists of 2 uprights. The height of the post that holds the uprights is ten feet. This post is situated eighty feet from the margins. On the other hand, the length of crossbar is eighteen feet and six inches. It 'sits' on top of the post. The upright lengthens thirty feet on top of the crossbar.

In addition, choose a Soccer Academy or Soccer Performance Centre of Excellence and research its history and evaluate its success in soccer development within a community as well as its ability in developing professional players.

The Complete Soccer Academy is situated in Apopka, Florida. It was founded in the year nineteen hundred and ninety three (1993).  It is a year-round training facility. At the Academy, players attend classes and camps. It is a private company. It is classified in Sports education, Schools and Camps.  Since its formation, it has constantly been involved in training and making players ready for their adolescence, high school. It has classes and even programs for every extent of capability that is, from focused students to children who are simply pleased to play soccer. The players are taught on how to get fit and on healthful eating. Second, they are taught how to build strength and self-confidence whilst having fun. Last, the students are taught on how to develop good sportsmanship The Academy is centered on developing individual soccer players. But, it is not focused on discovering the most excellent players and creating teams.

The chairman of Complete Soccer Academy is Mr. John C, Cassidy. His task is to supervise the development system, comprising of Grass root training program. He has a coaching experience of over twenty years. John has been involved in the training of teams and developing of football players.  Scores of his learners have turned out to be first, professional players. Second, some of his students have obtained college scholarships. Last, others have been admitted to Olympic Development Program. He has attained all the American recognition (Complete Soccer Academy, 2010).

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