Lehigh University is a renowned learning institution in the world. It is a private institution of higher education situated in Bethlehem region of Pennsylvania. It boasts a world class stature with diverse educational programs it offers. It has the most conducive learning environment for which any prospective student can go for. I find it a great match for me because as a multitalented student, I can find a wide range of both academic programs which fit the profession I am preparing for and co-curricular activities which will enable me to effectively interact with other students. In addition to that, there are various clubs and societies to accommodate everyone.

Lehigh University offers a variety of disciplines including education, business, applied sciences and numerous courses in arts and sciences. All these are well structured to match job market requirements and this means that a graduate comes out equipped with good skills and knowledge. For several years it has been established that graduates from Lehigh University are the most demanded in job market. This is a good plus point and one should just belong here. It is more so especially when my course on offer here is one of the most sought after in the world.

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Lehigh also boasts of the finest academic staff members who are experienced in their particular fields. Most of them are drawn from the graduate school after graduating with doctorates and masters. The university always ensures that it attracts and maintains only the most learned and experienced academic staff. The staff is also lauded for the friendly interaction they have with their students. This has encouraged most students. Students are also mentored to make the best decisions and correct choices in life.

The institution also has a wide range of co-curricular activities evidenced by its diverse variety of sporting facilities. This can also be seen through excellent participation of the university in competitive games like football and wrestling not to mention the topical debates. All these are what make me want to join Lehigh.

Lehigh is boasts of a conducive and cool environment because of its proximity to New York City. It has a variety of disciplines and the most experienced staff. It also has a wide range of co-curricular activities and being an active member in football and a bright student I will be a great addition to the institution. I will contribute by participating in sports and actively engaging in the debate club as well as excelling in academics to make Lehigh better than I found it.

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