Back in the 18th century Benjamin Franklin managed to express thoughts and ideas which remain to be relevant in the 21st century. He proved his outstanding ideas in practice and founded an Academy which served the center of educational prosperity at that time. Among his focuses, the following can be mentioned: he stressed on practical application of knowledge; Benjamin supported the importance of English language learning as well as the development of oratory skills.

Undoubtedly, today Benjamin Franklin’s ideas are more than welcomed to be implemented in modern curriculum. For instance, Franklin was among the first to stress on the practical aspect of learning. Thus, it is indeed so: people need to learn what would be beneficial for them. There is no purpose in overwhelming abundance of disciplines which would not be of any good for a person in the future.

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Secondly, Franklin strived for English language grammar learning (1749). Obviously, nowadays this is a burning issue as well since English is among the most popular languages around the globe being a language of business and press. Without proper theoretical basis of language grammar not a single person can prove to be a professional in any field.

Thirdly, oratory skills were underlined by this outstanding man. In fact, not many public figures can boast with such a gift nowadays. What is more, apart from giving speeches and writing, oratory skills now shifted to other spheres of human activity: press, TV, media and Internet. There is no need to stress on the importance of good persuasive logical thinking.

Finally, Franklin thought that education is not only a cognitive process of receiving knowledge through learning; in fact, it is much more than this: an educated person is a citizen conscious of his social and human duties. Unfortunately, nowadays education fails to meet this goal. 

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