In the past decade, the need for technology in schools has increased dramatically to allow improved outcome and students understanding in content based inclusive classroom. Consequently many schools around the world have employed the use of assistive technology to ensure that all students regardless of their physical conditions and their environments access education comfortably. Technology literate teachers are today being hired in many schools to help in initiating technology learning in content-based inclusive classroom (Walker, 2005).

Maushak (2008) asserts that various kinds of technology are used to enhance and support education ranging from digital moviemaking, laptop computing, and video content and new ones like podcasting. Al this have had different impact and used in different ways but with one common goal of improving understanding and performance in schools.  For instance communication skills have been greatly improved by the use of e-mail and word processing. Similarly the uses of spreadsheet and database programs have enhanced organizational skills in the content-based inclusive classroom. On the other hand, technology such as modeling software has for the better part promoted the comprehension of concepts of math and science.

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In today’s classrooms, many technologies that vary from uncomplicated tool-based applications like the already mentioned word processor to complex scientific data’s online repositories, closed-circuit television channels, handheld computers, two-way distance learning classrooms and primary historical documents. All these forms of technology if used by tutors and students in appropriate ways helps to increase knowledge and basic skills of students in the learning process and aid in developing of creativity, research skills and higher order thinking (Maushak, 2008).

Inclusion, the current technology has a strong impact on education and learning process as a whole and serve as a compliment for a great teacher does. It extends the reach of the students while at the same time broadening their experience away from the classroom.

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