Starting from my tender age I have always worked hard to overcome many challenges. Such an experience has influence my passion for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a competitive and risky industry, but my strong desire and the interest is a huge motivating factor. I have a strong feeling that I am ready to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

My decision and motivation to study entrepreneurship has been reinforced by my passion for business at my degree level.   I am a hard working, creative and alert individual who can work intuitively with a pragmatic approach to studying. It is for this reason that I believe I can do very well in this course.  Marketing is core a part of entrepreneurship and I have a keen interest to develop knowledge regarding marketing.  There could be a lot of points I need to know concerning entrepreneurship and I therefore planning to carry out research in order to add knowledge to the subject.

I have understanding that entrepreneurship demands a fair degree of scientific thinking. It is a complex profession that require a broad awareness of how to analyze and understanding of the technology. For someone to succeed in this course he or she must be good grounded in variety of mathematical and other scientific principles which I personally I have. This will help me to establish good understanding and it will enable me to progress well.  

I have covered module such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Strategic Management.  I have an excellent understanding in these subjects.  With my enthusiasm for knowledge, I am confident that I am able to progress further my own skills in business education.  I have participated in a business firm called BridgePark in Wembley. The firm undertook a school-led work experience scheme and me being an office-based job, I was able to further my interpersonal and organizational skills. I learnt the importance of meeting day-to-day pressures of deadlines and the professionalism in the work area. I was also able to recognize how businesses work with one another to gain profit.

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I am a talented football player and during my secondary school life, I play school team football and I was made captain for the team from year 7-11. The capacity of captain in the team enables me to improve my leadership abilities as I learnt how to organize the team. It made me to understand the importance of teamwork as I improve team spirit and morel by encouraging the players.  I was a successful captain and I always believe in democratic leadership. I valued free interaction with each other which will give individual ideas from other members.  My role as a captain was to bring ideas together and make final decisions. This made me gain the understanding of commitment to the team and how to helping the team to a winning form.

During my time in school I attended various trips. I was able to interact with people from different background and that was amazing. I understood and acknowledge the value and norms of other people culture.  It gave me a deeper appreciation of diversity and I can say the exposure was thoroughly rewarding.    
I believe in making difference through pro-actively activities that reduce poverty and climate recession. One of my latest commitments I undertook is donating monthly to Oxfam. I have previously participated in some volunteer work for charity organization which provides domestic aid to developing countries.  The money raised was used aid the children in Somalia. The experience is rewarding since my little effort as at least better a life of one child.   These efforts only strengthened my determination to work hard and achieve to the highest of my ability. Making full use of the facilities we have in London, I am a regular attendee at my local gym and am a fanatic of sport, from hockey to basketball, but favoring football. Having read a lot of media reviews on health and fitness and assessed the new approaches to health over the last few years, I am much more aware of the need to be positive about my health and understand the physical importance of taking care of your body and its effect on the mind, than ever before.

I intend to study at university and achieve a high class degree that will greatly help me to pursue my career plans in entrepreneurship. 

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