Diversity in the world is slowly progressing, which is augmented by the high accumulation of ignorance in education. Throughout the years, there has been a need for diversity especially on the underrepresented races. To create the need for more ideas in diversity, affirmative action has been used in colleges. College students perform poorly due to the inadequate preparation. Some of them lack confidence in studies (Mattis & Sislin 86). According to studies, some colleges do not offer courses on humanities, which is a crucial field in education.

Humanities affect all people in their entire life, to enable them to survive as well as succeed in the society today. For individuals dealing with poverty issues, gaining knowledge of resources is important to them. This exposes the students to many ideas as they learn how they can become marketable in the world and be cross-cultural. To be a part of a particular world, one needs to reflect its background. This is one of the main reasons why education is becoming overly important in modern world and most public administrations are working to ensure every person has access to education.

There is little diversity in college admissions within different cultures. People, who belong to the same race, come together, and living in the community (Kendall 218). Another cause which leads to this slow progression is media and high inequality among people. The media has participated in disregarding people from various races to be on television; therefore the rate of inequality has hindered them from attaining their dreams.

Today, instructors come across students from various social and cultural groups. These classes promote critical-thinking as well as proper decision making. Educators in these schools seek to provide the students with equal chances regardless of their cultural background. Multiculturalism support that students’ backgrounds should be the focus of education and that learning should take place in contexts where multiple ways of thinking are accommodated.

People who share similar values come together in a town and reinforce the distinctive resources of the town. This is a notion that has existed for many years among many communities. Besides, powerful institutions such as the media greatly influence people’s perceptions of different races and ethnicities. Diversity in college admissions reflects diversity of the state. However, the road to achieve this is very difficult and has led to many controversies.

In the 1960s, standardized testing of education was established to both the liberals and the conservatives who resulted to formations of high powered institutions which were driven by merit. Racism is not a cause for the problem of diversity among campus students. Thinking among the college’s students is built on the notion that states that truth is achieved when ideas clash. Matters regarding political philosophies, institutions have to be absent in institutions that have to strive in exploring many ideas (Knight 63).

Studies show that most academics are not conscious that they make orders in the university, and they misuse this power to limit resources. When they operate in such environments, these professors or instructors do not comprehend the nature of the conservatives due to their biases of decency. There are several prejudices that lead to the lack of diverse ideas such as a common assumption whereby a professor may think that all the students are liberals. The students may try and justify their beliefs and thus create similar negative emotions toward the professor (Franek 118).

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Another cause that leads to the lack of diversity in ideas is whereby the professor may think that his/her opinion is the same one with the one of the group. If the groups reaches an agreement, and do not enquire from the other group that disagrees, then they believe that everyone else has the same thoughts. Therefore students with different ideas about the discussion will be closed out. When people of a like-mind work together they have a general opinion which is shifted by the common beliefs in regard with the topic in discussion. A free society which is self-governing needs to have an open exchange in ideas and opinions, with respect for other people’s viewpoints. It is a fundamental fact that individual opinion be respected. This implies that professors are obliged to let every person air their thoughts and views concerning a particular task. This way, there is the possibility of coming up with the best possible solution to life’s problem instead of just listening to the majority group.

Moreover, some professors are more influential than others since they recognize biases and some stereotypes that are associated with various groups of people, for example they value responses of students with accents and cannot speak English clearly. They treat all students with respect regardless of their background or political affiliations. Each person has different characteristics of gender or social group which are noted by other different members of other groups. The professor should not project their experiences with their expectations of a certain group. A professor who is insensitive to terminologies is regarded as not influential by students since he/she does not recognize the change in use of terminologies. The instructor should use the correct terms to define a person’s culture, for example, refer the black Americans as the African Americans.

Many college students cannot answer basic questions, and the opportunity have higher education does not make their ideas more liberal. Students need to interact with other people to adapt living in a diverse environment. This way they benefit from a broad number of perspectives and gain from numerous opinions. Encouraging intermingling of students from various ethnicities provides a significant opportunity to learn new insights. Enforcing mixing many ethnics leads to a better development in a student’s psychology for a new environment. This may however increase his/her performance levels (Kendall 237).

Multi-ethnic students should be encouraged to interact together and team up to share their different opinions and ideas on matters around them. Interaction between young impressionable students with others, they internalize what they learn from each other and have less prejudices about issues. Students can form public or open forums where they will share their ideas, and this way they get new information on the topics they discuss. They could also form clubs where they have access and significant privileges, such as a religious club where a student cannot be eliminated, regardless of the denomination.

Professors should share their ideas and knowledge in helping students understand concepts to gain a personal perspective on what they learn. However, the professor should not be overly reticent that the student will lack a basis to understand the new ideas. Professors who are democratically inclined are mostly silent during discussions, and they control the compulsion of what they would like to say to promote participation of the students (Knight 94).

Nevertheless, they have the duty to teach and guide the conversation and invite involvement of the students, for them to express themselves. Even if they are not speaking, they must be alert and highly active and consistently look out for solutions and ways to encourage the students to contribute and respond to observations. Balancing is key to holding discussions. The professor should focus on her own methods of participating and how it contributes to the students. They should refrain from making comments which are associated with stereotypes and may be patronizing. 

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