Basically, the university writing program has adopted evaluation, because it is useful in measuring success. When one learns this form of writing, he or she will be able to understand whether the work has met the required academic standards. As a part of outsourcing in academic writing, evaluation is an important aspect since it will help the student use the right framework for addressing a problem under investigation. Moreover, the student will understand the uniqueness of a particular approach that the university curriculum requires, thus guarantee a quality academic paper.

I agree that evaluation is an important form of writing that one should learn because of its significance in facilitating student’s engagement in academic work. This is supported by the fact that evaluation helps one to develop a common approach for perfecting the pieces of writing which a student might be engaged in. 

There are various reasons for believing that evaluation is an important form of writing that one should learn. First, it helps in understanding the subject matter being presented. This is significant, because if the writer does not gain a deeper understanding of the concept, he/she will not provide a desirable outcome. Second, by developing the skills of evaluation writing, the person will correct possible mistakes and deliver quality work. This means that evaluation provides a testing ground for the writer to establish where he or she went wrong so that the writer gets a proper insight of the issue.

In my life as a student, I can apply the knowledge of writing an evaluation essay in doing academic papers such as takeaway assignments, term papers, and dissertation.  An evaluation essay could be applied to help in determining the progress that I make in doing the academic papers. It could also be applied in conducting a comparative analysis of the subject matter so that the variables are examined against each other and used in developing the final product. 

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