I am a firm believer of the fact that education forms the foundation for success in life. All successful people in the society: teachers, doctors, business owners, engineers among others were once at a certain point in their lives part of the education system. For this reason, education has a great impact in my life.

One of the greatest impacts of education in my life is cultivating morals, respect and ethics. As we started schooling, we learnt to respect people regardless of their ages. This continues to guide me in the everyday life. I learnt that for other people to respect me, I have to respect them; respect is earned. Education taught me the difference between right and wrong, and the impact of each in everyday life (Bhattacharya 20). This enables me to make the right choices and understand the consequences of the choices I make.

Education forms the basis of knowledge in my life. Through education, I have learnt a lot and acquired much information, which is useful in casting out doubts I have had about some issues. Moreover, education has assisted in casting out lots of ignorant ideas I was holding on for a long period. Education shaped me into an all round person, through the theoretical and practical knowledge impacted. I can use all I have learnt to make an honorable living without depending so much on other people (Holt 5).

Education opened up my mind in the sense that I am now able to view and analyze an issue from different angles as opposed to viewing the same issue from a single point of view. I now appreciate the fact that every person is entitled to an opinion, and even though I do not agree with their opinion, I do not have to conclude they are wrong. I also learnt that not everyone will accept my views and opinions, but that does not mean that am wrong, it only means that we are different and everyone has different opinions.

Through education, I learnt to appreciate different cultures and accept that every culture is unique. Through the education system, we interact with so many people from different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds (Bhattacharya 31). This made me appreciate the fact that no single culture is superior to the other and each culture deserves respect. Moreover, it is helpful in helping me not to judge people based on cultures they are from, but on their personality.

Education has been very influential in building my self-confidence and self-esteem. This is because, through interaction with other students and teachers, one is able to give his/her opinion and defend it. One has to make people believe in his/her own point of view and through that, once confidence and esteem gets a boost. Through group, work and assignments students are able to present their section and present them to the classrooms. As a result, confidence is built (Holt 40).

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Through education, my leadership skills have improved. Having had several leadership posts in classes and various groups in the school, I learnt a lot in terms of leadership. The school principal and teachers always insisted on the need to take up leadership positions while in school to be able to boost out skills. As a result, they appointed different students in different leadership posts through which they can learn what is required of a leader in every setting. Moreover, they encouraged us to take up in the competitive posts, which enable us to be able to articulate for our ideas and defend them and what we believe in. Through the education system, I am now confident that I can lead a group of people or an institution.

Schooling and Education at large has a great influence in developing communication skills. Teachers encourage students to answer questions in class and support their answers. Through this, we are able to articulately express ourselves and defend our answers. We are able to explain and sell our points to other people. We are able to use expressions and facial gestures to convince people to believe in our ideas and points of views. Through this, we are able to stand before people and explain what we want.

The school system is one of the places where one gets a chance to interact with people from all backgrounds, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. Through the school system, I have been able to coexist and interrelate with all the people and appreciating their beliefs. It also helps me to question the biases and prejudices leveled against certain communities in the society. This ensures peaceful coexistence with all people around me. I also believe that this is very helpful in preparing me for the future while I am employed. This is because a place of employment is the other area where people from different backgrounds meet and interact on day-to-day operations. Consequently, having gone through the education system, it will be quite easy to get along with all people at the workplace.

I cannot overlook the impact of education in my life. It has been crucial in shaping me into the person I am today. It instilled morals and ethics in my life and became a source of knowledge and information. Through education, I developed not just excellent communication skills but also leadership skills. It improved my interaction with people from different backgrounds and prepared me for future employment life. It improved my life immensely through instilling confidence and self-esteem.

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