Any educational process demands a lot of efforts and diligence. In my opinion, it is necessary to get general satisfaction and self-sufficiency during it, as well as after classes. Hence, I always try to work on this idea. Moreover, I consider myself an active personality, who is used to spending spare time not only for my own benefit but also for the common good. I understand that in order to be successful and useful in life, you have to work on your own development. I always try to challenge myself, find a compromise between critical and creative thinking.

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I have been improving my language skills for more than one year at the language school in Boston, and now can be reputed a good English speaker, although of Chinese lineage. History, as well as different historical places with monuments and architecture appeals to me immensely. It often inspires me to travel and discover unknown but interesting things. Historical books fascinate me; they allow me to travel into the past and not dwell on but learn from it. I value literature of various genres for the knowledge and help it gives me in solving many practical issues. The interest of current world affairs, especially different business activities is of a great importance for my personal development. It is not a simple ardor: furthermore, it is closely related to my major - marketing. In addition, I am interested in obtaining a new major in economics.

Sports belong to activities of a great priority in my life. There is nothing better for me than sailing down Charles River on the weekend. Such kinds of sport as tennis and badminton bring a big satisfaction too. Hence, even in sports I try to show good results and be successful. Besides listed interests and activities, I enjoy doing volunteer work and community services. Back when I was studying in the language school in Boston, I took part in the volunteering activities and was a proud member of Chinese Christian Fellowship.

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