Accomplished teachers should have a good understanding of the subjects which they are best suited. They should also know the capabilities of the students and hence help them to better them. Requirements of the teachers are guided by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPT) has five propositions which act as a guide to the teachers. The first proposition is about the teachers' commitment to students and the student learning as well. It is the responsibility of the teachers to make sure that the students are treated equally irrespective of the cultural backgrounds. They should ensure that the students are well equipped with knowledge. The teachers should however be concerned about the characters of the students because this will determine how they socialize with their peers (Ryan & Cooper, 2008).

The second proposition is about the teachers understanding the subjects that they are supposed to teach them so that they can come with an easy way of making the students understand them. Good teaching methods are developed when the teachers have the required experience and skills.

The third proposition is about the teachers having the responsibility of monitoring how the students are fairing their learning. The teachers should ensure that every students registers growth in his or her reading skills (Ornstein, 2007).

The fourth proposition is that teachers should have a review of their knowledge and if possible read more and to upgrade their practice so as to equip students better. Students find their teachers interesting if the teachers are informed on the current occurrence on the globe. The fifth and last proposition is about teachers being members of the learning communities. This is because they can make the parents to become engaged in the school, work to better guide their children.

Report of reading evaluation of the child

Name___ ___Mary_________________________________

Age (years/months) _____________________

School _____________________________________________

 Birth-date ______________

Dates Tested __________________

Gender   _______________ Evaluated by __________________

Reason for referral

Mary has trouble reading and this affects her personality especially in school and also it affects her grades because of the grammatical errors that she makes. Yet before she joined the new class her grades and IQ recorded normal.

Background information

Mary is in the sixth grade. Her intelligence quotient (IQ) fluctuates in the ranges of 85 and 90. She has the potential to read better even though at present she does not read well. In the fifth grade her vocabulary and reading scores fall in the 45th percentile which is not good. She does not have many friends since she entered in the class in the past two months but she is indicating signs of being friendly. Being the only child, she is shy and non-aggressive in nature. According to her, her parents do not enjoy reading hence she is being non-considerate on herself as she bases her studies with the parents view.

Tests administered

The tests which were administered include the following:

On the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test she registered an IQ of 85 to 90.

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On the informal interest test, Mary likes using the computer and she also enjoys soccer. As far as reading instructions are concerned she has trouble in recognizing words. She also has a limitation when it comes to retelling of stories. Mary can only answer questions on recall factual in the questions about a comprehension. She has a good handwriting because one can be able to read it. However she has many errors when it comes to spelling. Mary does not do well in the social units as well as the science tests as it is indicated by way of being. For Mary to write her journal she has to be prompted to begin, because she initially draws pictures.

On the Intelligence Quotient test, her IQ fluctuates from the range of 85 to 90.

Through the informal interest inventory test Mary showed to have feelings that were of having the inadequacy as a reader. Mary felt inferior to her classmates.

Informal reading-thinking inventory

Mary is not able to read that well and this shows there is problem in her thinking and that is why she has issues with the instructions she has trouble recognizing the words.

Mary's ability to retell her stories is limited because she has not practically exercised her reading. It is simple to adapt and assesses capacity. This can be of help especially when it comes to reading the comprehensions because; she is only capable of answering factual recall questions.

Results of trial teaching

She has not had trial teachings because through the phone conversations she says her parents do not enjoy reading.

She can read better than she does now at the moment because she has shown the potential to read better. She is afraid of the crowd who are her classmates and also she is new in this school. Before she came to her new school, her IQ was at 90. This can be related to the issue of change of environment hence it might take time to adapt to it.

Summary of strengths and needs

Mary's strengths are that she has capabilities which show that her situation can be improved if only she is given the required attention. She needs to be encouraged to read more so that she can gain confidence when reading. Mary needs to do a lot of reading so that she can gain more vocabulary. Mary needs to read out aloud in order to gain trust in her that she can do it.

Mary's teacher should contact her parents about her reading situation so that they can take part in helping her to read. This is because learning of a child requires the support of the parents. According to proposition to the fifth proposition about the learning communities it is the work of a teacher to inform and involve the parents in the school work.

Mary's teacher should urgently come up with a strategy to help with her situation so that she is not greatly affected in her studies since she is already failing in her science and social tests. There is the second proposition about the teachers understanding their subjects better. The teacher knows best what techniques will get Mary into good reading skills.

Mary needs to be monitored both at school and at home. This monitoring ensures that the teacher is made aware if she is improving or not. This also ensures that she can know any other strategy to use if the one she is using fails. According to the third proposition about the monitoring of students by teachers, teachers are responsible for that. The issues that Mary is facing could be as a result of not being monitored at an early age by her teacher.

Teachers should apply all the five propositions throughout the students' lives because when students have an inferiority complex this does not fade easily. We all know how teachers are important to our lives and we have to thank them for making us better people.

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