Owing to the fact that the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) is a fundamental element of the technological, educational and cultural framework of Chicago city, I feel so much convinced that this is my university of choice in which my competencies concerning medical technology are to be nurtured and improved.  I will be comfortable while in the University since it is a home to Chicago's largest medical school, also serving as the major educator of Illinois' dentists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and many other types of healthcare professionals. My wish to join the University of Illinois in Chicago is reinforced by the sense that I have rich experience in the field of Pharmacy, having done many research focused on the use of protein and molecular biologic proficiencies.

At the University I expect to do more research concerning Public Healthy which is my field of study as well as supervising and instructing other students and junior technologists on definite laboratory techniques. I can also assist in arranging and performing maintenance of chosen laboratory equipment and protocols, and also with inventory and ordering of common laboratory supplies.

I'm aware that UIC and the School of Public Healthy are dedicated to equality of educational opportunity and do not show favoritism against applicants according to ethnicity, race, national origin, gender, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation. From this perspective, it is very clear that I will meet students from varied backgrounds who I can socialize with and at long run enable me know more concerning the varied culture around the world. 

The diversity of activities present at the University is apparently a better chance for students to discover their abilities and talents for their personalities to develop as well as enabling the campus community to gain.  With the university's reasonable number of clubs and organizations, I indubitably will participate in their operations owing to my vast skills and knowledge in many areas for instance leadership and counseling. This will consequently develop my experience in the university and at long run make me a ready caregiver who will assume the roles in any given health care related organization. 

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Being a prefect at my former school, I have apprehended various responsibilities for instance delivering speeches, directing school events, and playing a role on the school council. The experience that I have gained has enabled me to utilize my own initiative and has improved my ability of speaking well in public. I also engage myself completely with the school activities like football games, swimming, music performances and debating. As well took part in science related activities during when I was a member in the science congress club in my former school. This is when a proved my competence in science related issues as I always was the winner having the highest score.    

Presently, in the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Department of Pharmacology, I am assisting with research that is focused on expressed fusion protein (antibody with cytokine) depresses tumor growth. I instruct and supervise students and junior technologists on specific laboratory processes and techniques. I also assist during the set-up and maintenance of chosen laboratory protocols and paraphernalia, as well as with inventory and ordering of common laboratory supplies.

According to the idea that I was brought up in a modest background, I have successfully overcome many challenges on my way by straining towards accomplishing my dreams. I therefore plan to give inspiration talks to fellow students and community as a whole concerning, having an optimistic look on everything done irrespective of how difficulty it is. This personal involvement from experience will indubitably be an inspiration to other student who will be confronted by troubles. I therefore aspire to get admission at your honored university.

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