Considering the fact that, Internship Programs provided by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, enables interns to acquire thorough experience owing to the operations in individual sections of the institution, makes me feel so much convinced that it is my institution of choice in which my competencies relating to management are to be fostered and furthered. I will be most comfortable while within the institution of the Museum of Modern Art since the Museum preserves a dynamic schedule of advanced and modern-day art presentations covering an extensive range of time periods, subject matter, and mediums, foregrounding important recent advancements in the visual arts as well as latest interpretations of main artists and the historical movements as far as art in concerned.   

My wish to join the Museum of Modern Art in New York for internship program is strengthened by the sense that I have excellent leadership with group management capability as well as possess affluent experience in the field of management, having aided the doctoral students centering on finance and tactical management, examined lots of data concerning disclosures of municipal firms by use of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, facilitated sessions of chemistry in laboratories calling for a maximum level of precision in task and completion, and aided in the preparation of suitable chemicals used in chemistry classes.

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At the Museum of Modern Art I expect to take over the position in entry-level management where splendid performances as well as logistics management skills can assist in improving the institution's profitability. Presently, in the Ohio State University, I am pursuing Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which is very relevant to the position of management in big institutions.

Being a prefect at my former school, I have grasped a range of responsibilities for example directing school events, delivering speeches, and playing a role on the school council. The experience that I have acquired has encouraged me to employ my own initiative and has bettered my capability to speaking well in public. I also commit myself completely with the school activities like swimming, debating, and music performances. As well took part in leadership related activities during when I was a chairperson in the science congress club in my former school. This is when I proved my competence in management related issues as my group was always the best in economizing on the resources provided.   

Owing to the idea that I was brought up in a humble background, I have successfully overpowered many challenges on my way by striving towards achieving my dreams. I therefore intend to give inspiration talks to fellow internship students and community as a whole regarding, having a hopeful look on everything done regardless of how complex it is. This personal involvement from experience will indubitably be an inspiration to other internship student who will be confronted by troubles. I therefore aspire to get a vacancy for Internship Program at the Museum of Modern Art which is one of the most honored institutions in New York.

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