In trying to imagine a situation whereby all of us knew nothing and no one could tell nothing new to the other, one notices how the world would have been one big dark abyss. Education is that aspect of receiving and imparting knowledge and skills which are essential for daily living. Education dates back to the beginning of the earth and for every individual it begins from birth and ends with death. Each day one learns and understands a new phenomenon. Everyday, one acquires new knowledge in form of new information, data or messages on or about something. This means that education goes beyond the formal and conventional classroom and exists in every moment. It is a continuous process which can only stop when one passes on or becomes mentally challenged. Since it is essential for our day to day living, it implies that the rewards accruable to it are multifaceted.

Through education one is able to develop and nourish his or her psychomotor skills. This means that one is capable to develop in body, soul and mind. One learns to relate effectively with others and it is from this notion that people coexist peacefully. One develops in mind when he or she learns or acquires new information directly or indirectly on an aspect or two. One develops in soul since with each passing day one comes across a situation that compounds the aspects of togetherness and coexistence. This therefore means that education produces an individual who is sound in mind and capable of competently performing his or her daily activities.

It is through education that one learns to embrace his or her culture and uphold brotherhood. With education no culture appears more superior or inferior to another and we learn to appreciate and embrace each other's point of view, opinions and creeds. Through it we also get to view each other not from a culturally biased mindset but from a just prism which we appreciate human diversity in a bid to chart a clear way forward. It is with this essentiality that we exude understanding and confidence and develop an enabling environment. These are real recipes for a developed mind and society.

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Similarly, it is only through education that one can acquire information on various issues in a society. To begin with, one gets to understand him or herself and know what is best for him or her by making informed choices. It is also through education that one can acquire the technical know how to effectively perform certain duties. This is important because by having relevant and necessary skills, one can be employed on a given line of duty. The information one has or gets is imperative in understanding the world around us and our environment. One is a position to conserve, obtain and uphold morals which are essential in ensuring a sound environment that is conducive for all.

Furthermore, with education one acquires the values and beliefs which guide our societies. This explains the fact that we are a diverse people and we all uphold different points of view on contemporary issues. Being educated makes one learn to appreciate this fact and respect dissimilar points of views from divergent cultures. It is these values that guide behavior and the way people reason and act as well as the way they relate to each other. It is therefore justified to argue that knowledge shapes behavior.

To surmise it all, education is a continuous process that offers several rewards. Among them are; developing psychomotor skills, acquisition of information, appreciation of other cultures and inculcation of important values. It boosts self esteem by presenting one with information and data necessary to make the important decisions in life. With education come better living standards.

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