Youth education has been considered over age as the surest way of cultivating a promising future full of happiness, successful families, and a prosperous nation in general (Stewart). The government has, thus, embarked on promotion of improved learning measures that support youth education to prepare young people for substance leadership that will always steer the economy of the country forward and bring honor to themselves. The economic prosperity of America is attributed to educated European settlers, who introduced education in our country that instilled knowledge and good management skills to the locals (Webb). This implies that all the learners had to undergo the same experience in the education system. Currently, students are allowed to specialize in only those professions that they feel interested in without caring a bit about other basic disciplines. The problem with this system is that most graduates are only qualified to tackle specialized disciplines. This means that in the event that there is a need to be called upon to contribute on important matters pertaining to other disciplines, such graduates would not be of much assistance. For instance, most medical doctors cannot deliver in class as tutors. The current education system should be restructured in such a way that all learners undergo a compulsory basic training that covers all education aspects that are useful in life and then specialize as they advance.

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Specialization is of importance in that it produces highly skilled professionals even though they are limited to specific disciplines. This has even led to increase in unemployment, as most job seekers are only qualified for one profession implying that if there is no vacancy in that field, they cannot work somewhere else. The Europeans ensured that basic education was compulsory to everyone and fully inclusive of all the basic concepts required. However, the current generation does not have equal ability on education progress compared to the past generation due to evolving issues, particularly the changing economic times. For this reason, it is important that learning technicalities are devised to encourage the youth to work hard. For instance, administration of some academies should be handed over to education-oriented board or corporation with eminent individuals that understand the young people well. The members of such corporations should visit these academies from time to time to mentor and encourage students or pupils. They should provide them with the feeling of affection and familiarity that most of them lack in school and give them hope of a bright future that succeeds hard work. The board should ensure that all the learning facilities required, e.g. fully equipped libraries and laboratories, are available and accessible to every learner at all times. The teachers and tutors should possess impeccable educational qualifications, diligence, good morals, and be conversant with tackling learning issues.

The diet offered in learning institutions should be well balanced and sufficiently in tandem to what their parents offer them back at home, so that they can shift their concentration from home. A well balanced diet keeps them healthy and provides the much need energy on extracurricular activities, like swimming and athletics. Their talents and ability strengths should be identified and nurtured while still young. School going learners should be encouraged to ignore the ways of school non-goers and dropouts to prevent negative influence. Their behavior should be tamed to be directly opposite to that of non-learners. This is especially important to those in institutions of higher learning, where most learners are adults free to interact with anyone.

Teaching should entail clarification by use of common examples to enhance better understanding and ease learning, e.g. geography can be better understood by use of local features as examples and updated maps that point out the greatest places where events have occurred in the recent past. Scientific theories should be clarified by use of concrete practical sessions in order to convince a leaner about the merit of whatever the teacher insinuate theoretically. The reality of life should be presented to the youth, expressed and explained in their minds. Their ability to serve the humanity should be emphasized through effective learning.

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