Taking this class has been extremely helpful in preparing me for the NCLEX exam. Before taking this class, I was skeptical on how this one class could even prepare me for the NCLEX exam which is cumulative of all the information that has been taught throughout the program. Surprisingly I found this class to be well organized and each class was designated to a specific area of subject which made it very easy for me to focus on one topic at a time. Throughout this class I have learned how to take my time to carefully read through the question to make sure I understand what the question is asking. I have also learned how to think outside the box and look at the big picture.

Nurses are required to manage other staff in medical centers. The class was therefore helpful in ensuring that I have enough skills that help in identifying the right personnel who can serve in various capacities. In addition the class provided tips on how to criticize, contrast or compare.  This skill is very helpful in handling patient cases and situations. For example the development of patient’s plans is a responsibility which requires nurses to apply critical thinking. Knowing how to define contrast and compare cases can help in problem solving. These are the same plans which other medical practitioners working on the patient’s case will have to rely on. Failure to think right and give the best direction for the patient’s treatment and s schedule may compromise the patient’s recovery. The reasoning thus has to take an approach that is systematic and logical to arrive at the clinical outcomes that are acceptable and safe for the patient. Nurses with critical thinking skills can manage and come up with better strategies to deal with situation much better than those who do not. The management skills that that I learned will also help in dealing with all kinds of people, physicians, and patient’s family members among others.

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The question answering skills I gained from the class were helpful because they helped in emphasizing the importance of critical thinking in developing a connection with patients. This is because of the frequent interaction that nurses have to engage in order to get as much information as possible concerning their patients and therefore be in a position to help them. Although some questions that lead one to think critically may sound simple, they are helpful in making nurses analyze and examine a situation better. Through the critical thinking class I was able to learn that   nurses are advised to study all situations carefully and think critically before recommending or acting on it. The critical thinking skill is therefore important if workable solutions to different issues have to be reached on. Simple questions used in common discussions can aid an individual in analyzing a situation and getting answers to anything or any scenario that begs questions.. 

Through the class I was also able to learn that quality care for patients is an essential part and practice for nurses. The lessons emphasized on the importance of a critical thinking in improving the quality of services in healthcare facilities. Nurses therefore have to utilize critical thinking skills if quality in all their practices has to be achieved. All medical observations, procedures and applications need to be looked at, analyzed, and critically thought of before any measures are taken. The search of clinical indicators to enable nurses monitor and detect a problem has a lot to do with critical thinking in itself. Critical thinking in nursing also involves a holistic element. The patient has to be thought of and handled as a whole person. The lessons helped in patient identifying patient centered options available. Besides the class was useful because I gained insight on question answering skills, such as sampling available options prior to giving a response, checking opposing views, plausible or unique answers to a question, among other useful skills.   

The lessons emphasized on the significance of treatment, care and information gathering process and the consequences of the inabilities or failures to do so. The holistic thoughts and reactions should also consist of institutional and cultural aspects, which need to be examined. In conclusion the three hour classes conducted only once in a week could have been be reduced to single hours but spread for more days within the week. 

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