I’m a student from Kazakhstan who is greatly interested in the actuarial science. Unfortunately, no universities in my country have ever had bachelor programs in this major. As a result of the existing gap in the education system, a great number of banks and huge companies have a lack of people who are erudite in actuarial science. Purdue University is one of the institutions that can help me become a specialist in this highly-needed field. In order to pursue my educational goals I have applied for a scholarship “JSC” (Center for International Programs) and received a chance to study in Purdue. I believe that Purdue University is a place that will give me an invaluable theoretical basis as well as practical skills for performing my chosen job to the best degree.

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While studying in the Intensive English Institute in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I had a chance to visit Purdue several times and to talk to Kazakh students who study actuarial science there. Purdue fascinated me with high-quality education, which can give me crucial working skills in the future. I attended the Introduction to Actuarial Science courses that is taught by Jeffrey Beckley and I discovered that my professional aspirations completely match the Purdue’s education. I was taken aback with the way the professor engaged students in his lecture and showed relevance by keeping the course interesting. I desire to study in one of his classes through my undergraduate time. Also, Purdue provides students with advanced and comprehensive undergraduate education in various areas including finance, economic, math and accounting classes, which is always a powerful advantage in the professional setting.

Besides purely theoretical knowledge, Purdue is able to give me a chance to use it in practice. A great amount of students take internships in summer breaks, which I intend to do while studying in the university. I strongly believe that the choice of Purdue University will lead to my further professional development, deeper understanding of the chosen major, and broader knowledge in other crucial areas of life. 

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