The public and private education is considered essential in training young people to use their minds in reasoning and thinking. It mainly provides the students with the knowledge of facts and gain skills of how to live and pursue values. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of state influence to the current education programs and due to this, the goals are corrupted. This in turn, makes the graduates to lose their abilities to make their lives worth living.

Well, it is common knowledge that such values such as, clothing, recreation, food, medical care among others are man-made and require practical knowledge from the men. Education does not give an individual the right to get access to all the material wealth, but it only shows the men the path to achieving their success through their own efforts. A man has the freedom to enjoy most of his rights even though he is not educated. Knowing of such rights does not necessarily require someone to go to university. Many forums have been made available where people can gain knowledge without going to university. Subsequently, the advent of information technology has made it easier to access information and skills without undergoing the tormenting moments at university. Bill gates who invented use of Microsoft software is a college drop out. This did not prevent him from becoming successful in life (Lesisnki 76). Many countries have continued producing many graduates who have performed well in exams. There exists a substantial disparity between knowing and executing of skills. Application of skills forms a pivotal role in job performance. In many instances, universities have fallen short of imparting relevant practical skills, which are prominent in life. From the founding fathers knowledge, every person is entitled to his own happiness, and he is also free to live his life. One can apply inborn skills and talents to acquire property just like those who have earned high professional distinctions.

During the era of the forefathers, when there used not to be universities, some still succeeded without having attended formal education. Knowledge and skills are two distinct qualities that enhance performance. Virtues are achieved over years. This depends on upbringing and cultural orientation. Depending on where one is brought up on, the individual will develop attributes that can either be negative or positive. In this regard, going to university may not change the attributes hence the probability of having graduates who do not exhibit work ethics. A number of successful people in the world have not attained university education. Kenyan athletes who are known worldwide are some of the successful people in terms of financial investment. From their back ground, majority of them did not even attain high school education and yet they are successful in their career of sports (Entine 56-67). Henry ford who never graduated in high school ended up becoming one of the successful people in automobile industry. In other words, education is not the key factor to success. One needs to possess these attributes of success by thinking outside the box and utilizing any arising opportunity (ward 45). To be successful, attributes like hard work, commitment and time management are called for. This attributes are not necessarily achieved through university education and even an illiterate person can posses them.

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Opponents of this discussion advance facts that show education plays a vital role in enhancing one’s ability to succeed. Even if some of the successful people have not attained education, most of them have continued employing graduates to manage their jobs. This means even the un-educated successful people value those with education since they believe they have the right skills and knowledge that will make their business prosper. In this regards, it can be inferred that education plays a key role in making one be successful. The culture of society we live in today advocates for being educated. With these beliefs, most organization will look for individuals who are educated. This increases the chances of educated people getting jobs and being successful at a higher percentage as opposed to those without education.

With education, complex theories and principles become easier to understand. These concepts can present hard time to those without education. Imagine of a situation, where a person cannot even comprehend what is written. With education, people can easily follow instruction to execute the stipulated strategies. This leads to an efficient and an effective ways of succeeding. Education increases chances of getting employed which in turn are a source of income. With good income, it is easier to start other business that will boost the income. Consequently, education forms a platform from which an individual can spring to develop career and expand skills which can make him be remarkably successful in life. Most scientific discoveries in the field of medicine have been achieved by people who have heard formal education (Carlsen 78). Most tutors and people entrusted in imparting knowledge to others are achievers of university education.

In conclusion, it would be pertinent to understand that education is not the most fundamental virtue that can lead to success. From the above examples, it is clear that there are so many people who make it without having to go to college. The people in the entertainment industry and those who become entrepreneurs end up making immense profits. The underlying secret to success in life would be to have a lot of persistence, creativity, aggressive and diligence. Human beings can achieve enormous results if they put into practice the above mentioned attributes. It calls for those who are not educated to be optimistic and pursue their goals without getting intimidated. By doing so, they stand high chances of becoming prosperous and successful in their endeavors.

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