There are some critical strategies that enable students to succeed in college, and in this essay we are going to discuss three main strategies that can assist students to succeed in collage. These include; figuring available resources, knowing themselves and last but not least getting involved in collage activities.

 First, students should figure out what resources are at their disposal and how to fully utilize them. For instance academic advisors, mental health counselors and college tutors are some of the resources that students should get acquainted with when they require help in college. While in college, students need to have excellent computer skills and they should therefore take every chance in using World Wide Web through which they can access different relevant materials beneficial to their academic work. Well developed computer expertise also enables students to use technology which is an advantage in both college and their career.

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Secondly, students are supposed to know themselves. This strategy enables them to choose careers which they can enjoy in the college. Therefore students are supposed to know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. This leads to self esteem which gives students confidence to face and deal with difficult tasks in life and enables them to have a positive future vision. The self esteem also helps students to meet their set goals and gives them confidence to act on their values.

Lastly, students should get involved in collage activities such as socializing and studying with friends, engaging in extracurricular activities, interacting with faulty and even doing part time jobs. These helps the students in tackling boredom which sometimes makes students feel socially isolated and unhappy with their college experience. Also students should spent part of their time checking and re-checking the college catalog for new ideas which are relevant to their fields of interest.

If students can pick the above strategies, they are likely to perform better in their school grades and be able to pursue their desired jobs thus fulfill their dreams.

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