There has been an emerging trend in the current system of education which concerns graduates. Many graduates are not equal to the task when they get to employment. This is a claim that many employers are making. Statistics are quite different from those produced by research in the 1970s. Many students claim that the main reason why they are in school is so that they can get power. The graduate of today is self confident to the extent that this may affect his or being able to handle the future. The reason for this is the hard economic times and periods of recession. However, many graduates still maintain that they will make it. This can be explained by the fact that that more graduates is scoring As. They feel as though they are too qualified for what they are doing yet they fail to deliver.

I feel that the revelations in the article make sense. Many college students do not have an attachment for the courses they undertake in university and colleges. They only go to college so that they can become wealthier and powerful. However, the article does not address how various stakeholders should come in to save this situation. The question of colleges, employers and parents pulling strings should be given greater emphasis. It is crucial that students be guided on what they do. They need to know that life is not just about money and power. They should take up courses that they love. Those who feel art is best for them should not hesitate to pursue it. Graduates should also attach themselves to institutions during their time in college so that they can learn as much as possible. This way, they will give what employers want when they get into employment.

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