One of the things that happen all through the life of a human being is getting educated. This is because it is perpetual and people will always learn new things. Therefore, education is vital and useful to the life of any human. More specifically, the learning of foreign language by adults is of utmost importance. In societies that have more than one language of communication, English has been continually used as a tool for the same purpose. However, English syntax and grammar is vital for the understanding of this language. However, this proves to be hard, especially to adults who are learning it as a foreign language.


The research on this topic was easily accessible. This is because it is an issue which has raised global concern. People cannot ignore the fact that English is a universal language. With the admission of this fact, it is understandable that there occur challenges in learning this language. This is evident in all the countries which have these programs. Therefore, primary data was not necessary for this research. This is because there were numerous articles which were relevant to the topic of discussion. This provided a basis and a reference point for the arguments of the essay.

The issue of acquisition of sources is not enough for any research. There are many other factors that should be considered when conducting a research, especially from secondary sources. The first thing is that not all the sources can be trusted (Davidson 2009). There are some articles that may lack relevance to the topic. Therefore, the choice of the articles to use was based on relevance. After the relevance had been confirmed, it was now ready to be scanned for its content and value of information. On this basis of relevance, the research was based on five articles, one dissertation, two books, one newsletter, and one online source. These were the main sources that proved to exhibit most significance with respect to the essay. They proved to have the information that was required.

However, the research was not based on a photocopy of the information in these articles. It was based on their analysis and separation of assumptions from facts. Therefore, it required a substantial deal of time. Some pieces of research required verification of primary sources of data. This happens in cases where the researcher does not trust the source of his/her information. However, the information that formed the basis for this essay was self sufficient. This is because it allowed the possibility of comparison. When there are numerous sources, it is easier to verify the trustworthiness of any piece of information. This is a vital tool in ensuring that the information is accurate (Yule 2006).

There is also another issue, when it comes to the methodology. The trustworthiness of the writers had to be put into consideration. Despite this, there were some writers who did not conduct a thorough research in their work. They only covered small geographical areas in their reports. However, this was extenuated by the fact that the research was based on multiple sources. Therefore, it was able to cover many areas in the world. For this reason, it was possible to come up with a general view of the topic with regard to the whole world. It not only showed the importance of English in one nation but in many others, which could not have been covered by a single writer. Therefore, this is a comprehensive report which brings the ideas and findings of several writers together (Fitch 2005). It is the result of the net effort and brilliance of the various writers and researchers from different geographical locations. It proved to play a vital and pivotal role in the writing of the essay.


The findings and analysis of this essay are based on three main factors. The first factor is the findings and analysis of the writers who had reviewed the articles. These are the people who had already conducted research and come up with their own conclusions. The second factor is based on the fact that the writers can have a general view. This includes the most repeated points and suggestions from all the writers. This is a proof of a general view. The third pivotal factor in the analysis is based on the fact that these writers cannot be entirely right. Therefore, there was a need for a study of their works (Zhongganggao 2001). After this study, there was a need to look at the writer’s views and findings from a critical angle. This would prove to be helpful in coming up with a final and accurate conclusion.

Importance of Grammar and Syntax in the Learning of the Language

Some time ago, the learning of English was based on four cardinal skills. These included reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Of these four skills, writing and speaking were considered as active. These are the findings of SLA (Second-language acquisition) research. Listening and reading were considered as passive. This way of thinking has come to change over the years. This is because in the past, people only used to learn English for exam purposes. However, people now learn English for the purpose of communication. This means that there has been less emphasis on the meaning and more on the form. People now deal with the application of English in the real world, rather than in the class (Khan 2012). Therefore, it has been translated to CLT (Communicative language teaching). This is teaching of English that can be applied in the day to day activities of individuals. This amounts to grammar and syntax.

Grammar refers to the structural regulations and rules that govern the construction of phrases, sentences and words in any language. Syntax deals with the processes and principles that are vital in this construction of sentences. When children learn English, they mostly do it for examination purposes. This is because the exams require knowledge of the language for successful completion. However, when adults study the language, they do it for the purpose of communication. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the education they get is quality. In this study, quality mainly refers to good understanding and knowledge of grammar and syntax.

The knowledge of English words is not solely enough to claim that one understands the language. The person needs to have the ability to construct sentences. This is because they are extremely vital for the communication that is desired. The construction of sentences constitutes the ability of an individual to communicate adequately using the language. There are rules that apply on a global basis. Therefore, the knowledge of these rules enables a person to communicate with almost everybody in the world. Therefore, this can enable the proficiency and efficiency in communication. However, this is not taken into consideration during the study of the language. Most countries have systems that do not put clear emphasis on this factor. Japan is a perfect example (Schwarzer 2009). Testimonies of people in Japan reveal the lack of quality of education. Even after studying English for ten years, the people in Japan claimed that they were not able to communicate in English. This can be attributed to the fact that they spent a little time on studying of this language.

The example of Japan is quite relevant to this particular argument. The issue of not spending enough time on the study of this language takes us back to the point of grammar and syntax. The construction of sentences and the relevant rules require a lot of time. This is because their study is long and extensive. Those who learn English as a first language understand it by default. They are able to know most of the rules that are vital for the construction of sentences. However, this is not the case for people who are learning it as a foreign language. They need to dedicate a lot of time to this study if it is to be fruitful in any way. However, this is something that they put as a second priority. This is the reason as to why the study of English always proves to be ineffective.

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From the articles, it is clear that teachers always have a hard time. This is because the failure to understand the language is normally blamed on them. However, they claim that the education systems are not favorable for learning and teaching of English. The teachers are normally under the pressure to complete the syllabuses on time, regardless of the quality of their teaching. This leads to appearance of people who only know English words but cannot construct any sentence. The teachers claim that grammar requires a considerable deal of concentration as well as time. The importance of grammar, which is emphasized by the teachers, cannot be underestimated. This shows that grammar and syntax are crucial factors in the study of any language.

There are millions of people in the world who are rich in ideas. Some of these ideas are local, while some are global. However, the idea of a person cannot be fruitful unless it is communicated to the relevant people. In most cases, the idea seems to be relevant to the people who do not speak the same language as the source of the idea. Therefore, there is a need for creating an appropriate medium of communication between these two parties. As it is known, the greatest and most used language is English. This language is used by numerous countries all over the world. However, knowledge of language is not enough (Takahashi 2005). There are rules and formats that have to be followed in order to achieve the desired information relay. This is where grammar and syntax comes. Every person who needs to communicate an idea has to construct his/her sentences appropriately. This ensures that the recipient does not lose the relevant details, hence losing interest.

Problems Associated with this Kind of Education

As expected, it is simpler to understand a first language than a second one. This is due to a number of factors. When one is learning their own language, they experience its technicalities day in day out. From a very young age, people hear others, especially their relatives and friends, speaking their first language. Therefore, they have all the time to learn the language, with no need for schools for the same reason. However, there is a different case when it comes to a second language. People who learn English may put the blame on their teachers. However, the mistakes are not on the teacher’s side. They originate from the learners and the government.

There is a problem in the system of education. Instead of insisting on quality education, governments pressure teachers to finish syllabuses. Teachers have to deal with large and difficult aspects of grammar for short periods of time. Due to this reason, the proper and efficient learning of English becomes unachievable (Yule 1998). This is because this teaching is done on tight schedules that do not give and allocate adequate time for teachers to do what is required of them. Therefore, this is a significant problem that is faced in the education of this language. This has an adverse effect on young learners. Countries which learn English as a foreign language have people who do not understand this language well. If this affects the younger learners, the effect on the older ones can be unimaginable. This is because their level of adaptability is way below that of younger learners. Therefore, the overall performance of a country can be slowed down by the lack of understanding of this important language.

The other party that affects the learning of this language is the actual learners. As some of the articles indicate, some people claim to have studied English for many years. Some go to the extent of claiming that they have learnt English for ten years. However, this is just but a number. People just take care of the quantity of the time that they spend on the learning. However, most of them spend less time on the actual learning. They just spend their time engaging in other activities and attend a class of about 50 minutes per day. In these 50 minutes, there are many other activities that are going on apart from the learning of English. Therefore, these “10 years” translate to a period of as short as two months of English learning. This is because some of them do not attend all classes. The result of this is a society that has poor communicating skills. This means that the people cannot communicate efficiently using English. Therefore, people’s attitude is a complicated problem that should be dealt with during the learning and teaching of English.

The difference in understanding a language due to age of individuals has received numerous explanations. Some of these explanations are scientific in nature. Some researchers claimed that the left and the right hemisphere have a division of roles with regards to language. They claimed that this division gives more favor to adolescents than other older people. There were other explanations offered by the writers, which did not incorporate the biological factor. They claimed that the acquisition of other languages by adults affects their understanding of a language. This is because they have to adjust to a whole new set of rules. This makes it more difficult for them. Therefore, when the teachers are teaching this language, they should be given a priority with regards to resources and time allocation.

Consideration of Older People

As some of the articles indicated, there are voluntary firms which offer the services of English teaching. These are teachers who have the willingness to teach this language and ensure that people are eloquent and logical in the way they present their arguments in the presence of other people. However, the fact that people’s attitudes and government systems are causing problems has also much to do with the teachers. They should also use different methods when teaching older people. The long rules that explain the technicalities and regulations of grammar may be boring to older people (Khan 2012). Therefore, it may be harder for them to follow through them efficiently. Therefore, more practical methods should be used. They can make use of audio and visual technologies as teaching aids. These can be vital in drawing more interest from these learners. They should also organize interactions with people from English speaking countries. This can be instrumental in ensuring that they understand how this grammar and syntax is applied in communication.

Comparison between Children and Adults in this Education

People often wonder why it is easier to understand the mother tongue than a foreign language. Some people claim that it is caused by the tongue of any individual. However, this is not entirely true. Research shows that children who are born in foreign countries are able to acquire the foreign language and use it with the desired fluency. However, when put into the same position, adults have many difficulties. They are not able to attain the masterly of language that is exhibited by children. This brings up a controversial topic, which has continually led to endless and pointless conversations. There must be a reason why adults have to receive a better education than children.

When an adult attends training of a foreign language, he/she already has a first language into his/her system. Therefore, they already have a mastered language in their mind. However, a child does not have a language in which they have fully developed. Therefore, the question of adaptability comes in (Savage 2012). As the saying goes, “you cannot teach an old dog how to hunt”. This basically means that it is difficult for an old being to acquire new skills. It is not entirely impossible, but it is difficult. Therefore, a little child is able to adapt to a foreign language more easily than an adult.


The essay above is a clear reflection of the situation on the ground. It shows and proves the existence of the problems in studying of English and the challenges that are associated with this studying. It proves that the study and understanding of grammar and syntax is vital in the realization of the desired objective, which is communication. Therefore, the difficulty experienced by adults in learning this language should be considered by all the teachers of the language. As the essay proves, teaching a foreign language to adults is difficult. Therefore, learning the same by an adult must be difficult. For this reason, adult education should be given more concentration and commitment to ensure that counties keep up with the changing times. 

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