The increase in the number of enrolments in universities from World War I and World War II posed a significant challenge to the faculty members and college administrators. The retention of these students proved hard due to their large numbers. The major role of the faculty members was enrolment and screening to seek the students who were fit for the institutions. Recruitment efforts were the main thing with the faculty members. This role of enrolling students has continued to the modern times as one for the faculty members. However, these roles changed in one aspect. Their role ceased to be merely recruitment and started concentrating on the principles of success. It changed to the need to provide more attention and information to the students. The college administrators should have done better to ensure that they maintain the students. They should have based their efforts on informing the students other than seeking for more and more enrolments.

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The prices of college education, since World War I, changed from the time henceforth. At first, it was not costly to enroll in a college. This is why there were many enrolments at the time. However, as the quality of education increased, the price also increased. The relief work programs provide some money for students to fund their education. It was also advantageous because the work could be done at a relatively cheap price and still prepared the students for future field work. The universities gained recognition by providing students to engage in activities. This public work should also be done in the present day. This is because it can provide extra cash for students and still help in the accomplishment of public works. In the present, students can fund their education using bursaries; own job, as well as attachments for jobs in their career. College education can be funded by increased scholarships and allocation of funds in the education sector. This can help to reduce the amount of fees needed by the college students (Thelin 2011).

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