Importance of college education cannot be underscored more so in the modern times when high school education alone cannot easily lead someone into a successful and fulfilling life. This paper discusses the reasons why one should attend college education. College education is imperative because it leads one into a world of more opportunities. Most world economies are shifting from manufacturing to knowledge based economies that tend to favour those with relevant skills. It is mostly in colleges where one can acquire such skills. The days when high school education alone could lead one into a well paying job are long gone. Most jobs currently require one to have ascertainable degree or significant experience thereby locking out high school graduates. On the same note college education also increases one's competitiveness in acquiring the few opportunities available for instance a degree holder is considered more competent than a diploma holder for the same job.

In the colleges one gets to be acquainted with people from various places and backgrounds and this opens wider one's networking window which can help him or her know of opportunities available in distant places which he or she would have otherwise not known. College education therefore serves as a gateway to more and better opportunities in life. Similarly, it is important for one to go to college because colleges have a lot of life transforming experiences that help in developing oneself. Colleges bring together people of diverse backgrounds and through interactions with people in the colleges one will get  brand new experiences that will  make one a much wiser and an exposed person- exposed to the world . Through the experiences one will develop into a more developed individual with right frame of the mind. Other than interactions with the students, in the colleges students also interact with various lecturers and top experts who may encourage and guide them towards the realisation of their goals.

The experiences learnt may also lead one into acquiring desirable values that can enable one to fit well in the society. Gardner, Jewler, & Barefoot in their book wrote that "a well-rounded college education will expand life possibilities for you giving you a richer understanding of how the world, your nation, your society and its people came to be" (11). Further, they  wrote that as a result of college education "you will be more likely to seek to seek appropriate information before making decisions such information also will help you realize how people's lives are shaped by global as well as local political , social, psychological economic environmental, and physical forces" . College Education also plays an important role of growing you intellectually. (Gardner, Jewler, & Barefoot 11)

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College education also enables one become independent which is very important in preparing one to the challenges of life. Attending college allows one to gain independence from his or her parents and guardians more so when one attends a college that is far from home. Acquiring independence is very important in that it will allow one to be prepared for life after college which requires one to be autonomous in making various decisions regarding career and even personal life. Achieving independence is also likely to inculcate sense of responsibility on an individual since by being independent one has to learn to take responsibility of his or her actions for instance a college student learning away from home has to learn how to manage his or her financial resources and general personal care effectively.

Going through college education has also been observed to increase people's earning power. Those who go to colleges usually earn more than non college attendants this is true because those who graduate out of colleges are more eligible to well paying jobs than those who do not attend colleges. Those who go for masters and doctoral degrees earn even higher. Primarily most people go to colleges so that they can pursue well paying careers that will ultimately lead to well paying jobs and earn more money.

College education also enables one to pursue one's dreams and passion. In colleges students usually specialize in one field. This makes one to be more knowledgeable in a particular field that interests him or her. By being highly specialized in an area boosts one's chances of being employed in that area. As mentioned before it is in colleges where one gets to meet the top experts  in his or her area of specialisation who may help him or her improve and perfect in that field. On the same note most colleges offer a conducive environment s and facilities to learn for students to learn much about their fields of interests.  This will eventually enable one realise his or her dreams.

It is also true that college education increases employability. One who obtains a college degree greatly enhances his or her chances of getting employed over those who do not have college degrees. According to a study by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, it was found out that, "lower levels of educational attainment are associated with lower levels of skills" (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 213). In this respect "early school leavers with low skill proficiencies are more likely to face difficulties in entering the labour market and maintain employment". (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 213).  This is as opposed to college graduates who find it relatively easier to find and maintain jobs.

In as much as going to college is advantageous, it is also have some disadvantages.  Amongst these disadvantages the one that stands out so strongly is that college education is very expensive and not very many people can afford it. But critically the pros of going to college by a great deal outnumber the cons and hence despite its huge cost, one should really strive to go to college after high school.

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