Education is a very significant aspect of nowadays life. Personally I am convinced that education is extremely important in shaping my future career and personality. It will shape me morally, intellectually and academically qualified.  Due to the education my opportunities will increase, and I will be  a honorable person in the society. Mentor status requires long-term achievements, which can be realized only through education. In the future I want to be a role model for many young people. Therefore, studying seriously and reaching the highest educational level will be a landmark in my life. In this essay I have used my personal endeavors and preferences for education, in order to show how crucial it is in shaping future careers of the people who venture into education (Jesse 15).

The personality I want to become with the help of education

I expect that my education will shape my future career. Having passed all subjects and tests at school, the academic excellence will be a valuable record in my life. I have a unique talent of performing criminal investigations. Therefore, I want to nurture my talent through education in order to be competitive by the time I will have entered the job market. Academic certificates with excellent records undoubtedly influence one’s future carrier in a reputable company or absence of a stable job during entire life of a person. Education will help me to realize my esteemed potential, preferences and inborn talents. Through education I will become a responsible person in the future who is able to make his own decisions. Studying well since childhood is a fundamental aspect that can be used to shape my attitude towards life, as it develops a “never say never” approach. This method is extremely important in one’s future, since some goals require strong character. In addition, endeavors to study well at school are further reflected through my activities in society. Education will help me to run a company successfully. I want to be the best criminal investigator in the entire world. Through education I will understand the methods of investigations. Knowledge of the most sophisticated investigation methods will be particularly beneficial to my future career. It will also make me extremely marketable and successful. The use of methods, such as computer forensics, to investigate cybercrime is possible only through education.

Education is a process. It begins with the basic learning, s such as speech, interaction and simple songs. My career involves often interacting with other people and analyzing the psychological perspectives concerning many phenomena in the society. Therefore, education will enhance this, since it teaches how to communicate productively with other people. Moreover, education entails such features as courtesy and etiquette which are crucial aspects of my future career. These qualities will help me to become a productive person, since my interaction with other people will be productive due to enhancing this performance in my future career.

In addition, I want to be a responsible family man (Everett 35). This can be significantly achieved through education, as it reveals such values as kindness, responsibility, honesty and hard work. These values will help me to sustain my education in the future.  Education will form  my character which will determine the extent to which other people in the society will trust me concerning the issues of their lives and properties. It will also make me trustworthy for my employers during the development of my career. The education will help me to achieve respect and recognition in the society. In addition, it will realize my desire for charity work. The wealth I earn during my life will be used to feed the poor and orphans. Financing the education of the poor people in the future is also an essential aspect of my life.

In the future, I want to have a happy family living in a cozy house. It means that I need education in order to get a well-paid job. Such jobs are offered on merit basis. The better level of education you obtain, the higher are the chances. Getting high level of education is paramount and will transform my personal life in extraordinary ways. It will ensure my wishes of happy family . Moreover, my working hours will decrease, since I will be professionally capable. Professionalism may be developed only through education and helps individuals to become competitive. The people who are not professionals have to work for many hours earning money to sustain their lives and families. In the future I want to have a lot of freedom in my life. Education gives this freedom, and it will help me to enjoy it. In my career I will be free to ask a company for a job  fitting my interest (Barrow 66). Education develops freedom and may even encourage  to create my own company. Through education I will be free to serve the society in the area where I can perform the most satisfactory. Therefore, the freedom which comes with education into a person’s life is inevitable and contributes largely to a person’s success. In the future I want to have good relationships with my environment. Education can help me to control my thoughts and feelings about other people. My irrational thinking patterns are also supposed to be controlled by the education, since it improves person’s way of thinking. Through education one is able to understand other people and to tolerate their weaknesses. It will help me to learn from other people and enhance a warm relationship with others.

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I expect that education can open my mind and enable me to think critically. The problems solved during the studying of different subjects, such as arithmetic, help to develop one’s persistence. Using education I will be able to develop my critical thinking together with other life skills which  will help me to find solutions to any problem I may face every day in my life and future career. In addition, education will make me an indispensable person in the society according to my expectations. My dream of controlling the economy in the area I live will be fulfilled through education, since my theoretical knowledge of business will encourage me to perform well with my investments. Working as a criminal investigator in the Criminal Justice System requires from an individuals to know its structure. Education will help me to understand the structure of the Criminal Justice System and the role of its components. Therefore, without education I will not be able to nurture the skills required for my future career (Agrawal 188). Investigators must  have enough knowledge in the area of Criminal Justice and to get conversant with the laws of the country. Without this knowledge it is impossible for an individual to achieve success in the field of criminal investigations. Therefore, education is very important, as it gives  knowledge of the  country’s legislation.

Dealing with criminals requires from the individuals to be cautious regarding their  safety. In the future I will implement many investigations. Therefore, the education I am undertaking today will help me to understand the safety precautions that I must take dealing with criminals. The psychology of criminals can only be understood through knowledge and skills. Education will help me to understand different ways of handling the criminals. Various options used for rehabilitation of the criminals are also issues that education will encourage me to learn. It teaches people to be patient and gives knowledge of the most efficient ways of planning various activities. Therefore, it is necessary for me to study seriously in order to shape my future career. In addition to training my knowledge and skills which may be relevant in my future career, education also helps individuals to obtain skills of their appropriate position in the society. These skills involve negotiation and peaceful conflict resolution. In my future career I will have to solve so many conflicts. The subjects I am currently studying will help me to resolve conflicts among various individuals. I will be able to solve them as an educated person. With the skills gained through education I will be more competitive in the job market (Schuller 34).

My present academic performance will help me to gain persistence and patience required to develop my career. During my academic life I will be obliged to be persistent in all subjects which I learn. If I do not achieve the required passing grade I will repeat the module to enhance understanding and performance. The persistence I will have developed by the end of my education is seriously required for my future career, since dealing with the criminals may sometimes involve endless investigation efforts which do not show immediate results. Therefore, patience and persistence are highly required to guaranty an excellent performance in my future career. In addition, I  want to be a peacekeeper and to put maximum efforts in promoting peace in the society. It is possible through education, since the study of ethics and religion insists on the importance of moral values in a person’s life and profession.  Therefore, education is a main shaper of my future career, and it will teach me to perform correspondingly in the field of criminal and forensic investigations (Pliskin 25).


From aforementioned it is indisputably clear and vivid that education is a main aspect in my life. Only through education my wishes concerning personal and professional life may be realized. Education will help me to achieve my dream which is working in the Criminal Justice System as a highly efficient criminal investigator. Therefore, the importance of education in people’s lives cannot be exaggerated. People who decide to venture into education must study seriously . It is important to change the irrational opinion which exists in the society about education and its role in shaping the future. The truth is that people must perceive it as a necessity which educates children in physical and intellectual way.  . Therefore, “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are extremely sweet”.

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