Population growth continues to escalate especially in developing third world countries. This unplanned growth has been caused by factors which the society has turned a blind eye on. It is foreseeable that population growth must stop within sometime in the future due to a number of factors. Among these factors are limited food and water supplies, limited energy and natural resources, pollution and animal extinction, contamination and scarcity of other resources needed. The dominion of human population over nature continues because of lack of ability of natural controls like high birth rates coupled with low death rates taking control of nature.

The environment will continue to be threatened and even harmed basically because of modern technologies like use of modern medicine to cure some of diseases that could cause death. When women are treated they become more fertile and can continue giving birth to many children without any complications. Also the born children are also treated whenever they fall sick thus elongating their lifespan and continuity (Menzel, 1994). Technology has also continued to support the life of human beings through production of genetically modified foods which can be consumed even in times of droughts.

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This has increased fertility level because when there is enough food; human beings are more productive as they can afford to feed their offspring with the available food. The major reason as to why population continues to increase tremendously is because of lack of awareness of family planning programs and also lack of education on the effects of such population on the environment. Most population especially the case of Third world countries tends to occupy rural areas that have limited educational and medical facilities that can help disseminate such information to the people (Cunningham et al, 2005).

There is relationship between per capita income growth and the population growth since per capita growth depends on the level of employment within an economy so that the productive population can use their earnings for consumption. However incase where unemployment is, poverty is very high as most people do live below datum line of one dollar a day hence will lead a desperate life that sometimes forces them not to plan for their families because they do not where to get education. This unawareness has increased population growth causing massive poverty and increased destruction of environment such as clearing forests to get homes and farms for agriculture (Kates, 2000).

Population growth therefore has taken full control over nature because of advancement in technology, agriculture and industries. However, though these inventions are beneficial, they are seriously affecting the environment causing enormous destruction.

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