Energy is the power that we use to drive the modern economy. It is the power we use to keep ourselves in motion. Unfortunately most sources of energy are non-renewable. This means that as individuals we need to take time and evaluate how we use energy resources. This is because if the energy resources ever get depleted life on earth will vanish. On a normal day, I wake up and take a shower with heated water. This water is heated using electricity. After that I take my breakfast that has been cooked using natural gas. After that I board a vehicle to school that runs on petrol.

From where the bus drops me, I take a walk to school using energy that I got from the meal I ate the previous day. In the course of the day I use a mobile that was charged using electricity. While inside the class, I do a lot of reading using energy derived by the body from the food consumed the previous night. In the evening I watch the news on the TV set that runs on electricity. Other personal uses of energy are in ironing clothes, computer and in sports.

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In the community, energy is used in street lights, pumping water for the community to use, undertaking public works, in automobiles and in running industries. Energy is also used in communal buildings such as municipal halls, churches, Cinemas and sports stadiums. Much of the energy comes from non-renewable sources and there is a global concern that these resources may get depleted. The United States leads the world in per capita energy consumption. The threat of climatic change and depletion of non-renewable energy resources is a wakeup call for individuals, communities and nations to take measures that are within their capabilities to reduce energy consumption and to promote clean energy. This can be done by harvesting energy from renewable sources such as wind, tides, geothermal power and solar energy. These are also environment friendly.

We know climate change is a big issue to tackle. But if we confront our own energy consumption head on and take steps to maximize our personal energy efficiency, we can make progress to halt climate change. We can even save money at home and in our community.

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