Nature is endowed with valleys, mountains, water masses, a variety of plants and animals among other wonders that keep amazing man throughout his entire life. Nature is a gift to man endowed with a variety of fascinating scenes. These scenes keep changing from time to time depending on the season or time of the day. Albert’s work, Nuptials at Tipasa, depict the beauty of man’s habitat a beauty that continuously changes. Natures does not seem to stop amazing even at a time when one thinks life is enjoyable they pass away like chuff being blown by wind.

The heavenly bodies

The article presents the uniqueness of heavenly bodies. These include the sun, the sky, the moon, and the stars among others. The sun shines during the summer the rays it sheds have different intensity at different times of the day. The morning rays penetrate through all aspects of nature illuminating any object, living or non living, which come their way. The rays awaken both animals and plants it is unimaginable to assume the sun was not in the habitat. The sun causes different plants to release different odors. The sky is characterized blue this color keeps differing depending on a variety of other factors.

Plant and animal life

It is amazing how the supernatural influence the natural. Rain and sun keep authority. The result is thriving plant and animal life .Valleys, water masses and the villages are all characterized by different plants among them flowers of diverse kinds, food yielding plants and various fruits, trees and a variety of many others. These plants gives the earth its comaufrageous colors .The colors change with changing scenes different seasons come and go some plants die and reaper. Others die never to come back again.


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The earth’s landscape is in itself an amazing sight. There are hills and mountains that stand still, other parts are flat while others are rugged. The terrain differs from place to place. Others appear lower than others here the water finds its stay. Huge continuous masses of water also are characteristics of nature. The water keeps residing and appearing from time to time. The wind blows across the masses of water dragging some of it along with it .The wind is characterized by different scents deepening on where it is flowing to or from. As the water resides it leaves with it a vast open ground characterized by a continuous white sheet of sand.

Significance of the excitements

All these natural excitement are symbolic to man’s life. The art presents a great skill of imagery. Nothing is presented without its meaning to the life of man. There are permanent things in the natural habitat such as mountains, seas, oceans, hills and valleys. These are symbolic of things that remain fairly permanent to every individual living on earth. The most permanent being change. Others include life which only comes once after which death sets in and controls the rest of perpetuity. All scenes presented as temporal are symbolic of man’s seasonal changes. Life is characterized by good and bad things nothing seems to stay too long. There are periods of lack and those of abundance. Other times people laugh and in others they cry. Every natural excitement comes with its responsibility.

No matter how fascinating nature is one grows tired of its excitement. Man’s life too behaves in a similar manner. Once life becomes tiring man goes to his eternal rest. There are people being buried every other day trees keep being cut down to build corpses. The scenes also present a supernatural power behind every scene. There is one who commands the universe. Every aspect of nature seems to report to this being.

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