The global environment is increasingly becoming diversified. In the past centuries, the entire planet has undergone various metamorphic changes. The changes cut across utilization of the universal commons, pollution as well as integration of land resources.

Medicine, and nursing in particular, is an appropriate career of choice in this category. Environment plays a major role in the field of medicine. The consequences of environmental changes directly influence the skills needed in the field of medicine. Air, water and soil pollution leads to increase in sight, skin and ingestion-related diseases. Therefore, doctors and nurses are are obliged to prescribe uncommon medication to treat such strange diseases.  

Research shows that the evident environmental changes have adverse effects in the field of medicine. The matter is that the cause of every disease or illness originates from environmental factors. For a very long time, the ingestion-related sicknesses, like typhoid and cholera, which are reported in the hospitals daily, are directly related to contaminated water. River water is the most common source of water in the rural areas and many people use it. In case it is polluted upstream, the people downstream end up contacting infections like cholera and typhoid.

The most common diseases are contagious. Thus, once there is an outbreak, many people get infected. The professional skills in medicine practice, such as nursing, require that cholera and typhoid should be treated properly, because these diseases are highly infectious. However, with th continued pollution of water sources, still plenty of people get infected.

Therefore, the medical practitioners should globally develop awareness trainings in order to restrain from polluting the mainstream water sources. The awareness among people in the rural areas not always eradicates occurrences of infections. However, it precludes extreme water pollution from large industries which is harmful to aquatic creatures as well. Water pollution experienced in the latter years has largely affected the purity of water and crop growth, which, in turn, has led to many illness caused by unclean food and water.

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Team Work

The most successful assignments carried out are those done by a team. When a team is composed of people with different skills, which fill up each other, the job done and the outcome of their work are always incredible. For instance, working in a team of diversified nurses to address the typhoid outbreak in a certain village proved rather fruitful. The diversity of experience and abilities led us to find solutions for various health problems. There were individuals who had complications with their digestive system. They were diagnosed and received proper medication. However, those who needed both financial and psychological guidance were aided by counselors.

On the other hand, some of the nurses had worked in the wards with children and physically challenged people. Therefore, they were able to offer appropriate guidance to the sick children who felt they were unacceptable in the families because of their condition. The whole period of our work was fulfilling because our diversity was used to perfect our results since we had to deal with different problems.

Conversely, diversity can be used as a liability while executing a given task. Diversity as a liability was displayed in the preparation for a nurses’ general seminar. The hall was to be cleaned, arranged, dusted and neatly decorated. Some affluent nurses refrained from cleaning the hall on the basis that they were used as servants. Others felt they had worked too much and it was time to the rest. Many nurses avoided their duties and, in the end, the hall was not professionally arranged. This was categorically a diversity that became a liability and consequently ten points were deducted from the total grading for those who refused to work.

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