You are shopping in a supermarket and next to you is a woman with a young child accompanying her. While sharing a shelf and picking some items, a sudden explosion occurs downstairs, within some few seconds, fumes of burning objects rises upstairs. The only option available for exit is upstairs since the fumes downstairs can suffocate when inhaled the doors and the emergency are found downstairs. While looking around hoping to find an exit, you discover a small opening near the roof of the house.

The opening could be reached only by climbing a ladder or stepping on someone this could bar the child and the mother coming out therefore you are actually the only one who exit properly while the child can go through the opening can have difficulty in reaching the ground. The woman seems to surrender her life and seems to worry about the life her child. She ask you to help the child escape through the opening but the while evaluating the option of letting him out, the probability of the child jumping through the opening and surviving is minimal and at the same time the fumes are pilling in the room with a possible suffocation in a little while.

The situation is quite ambiguous since life of every human being is quite important. Similarly is quite important to save a young child life for their future is still bright and more time to enjoy it. Also a chance to escape death is a golden chance in once lifetime; it is not easy to for a person under death treat to assist someone else to escape since the conscience is always biased on personal survival.

Got in the same situation, will see the child and the mother being sacrificed; Though it sound a lot more could have been done,  saving two or one life while yourself is in at risk could not makes a big difference. While choosing the best option, the most effective one was to leave them behind in order to take some risk and come up with new strategy of saving them. Risking while together in the room could not save any life. Though they didn't survive, the effort done while outside were better than when no one came out (Rhaman, 18)

Social ethics requires everyone to matter the life of a neighbor. About the magnitude of the ethics, it is beyond doubt that such ethics can't be argued but at the same time successfully saving ones life is also a story that everyone is eager to hear. While trying to counter balance the situation, and if you choose to save your own life, people will be happy that you manage to survive a dangerous tragedy. If you decide to save the child, it will be a great humanitarian work done therefore the choice will depend on the mind setup at the time of the tragedy.  Leaving out the child might be something that may hunt you for a longer time or for the rest of your life but also saving him and dying will not be a good choice either.

Making ones life as the first choice is the hardly taken decision. Saving the child in such a situation could not guarantee him a life since a child jumping from upstairs to a ground full of fumes is a risk that could not be taken easily therefore trying escaping personally could be an option though hurting. Following the types ethics, it is evident that there are ethics that are within us; some of these values include the preference value where one is given an option to choose what they believe is the best option for them to take. It doesn't emphasize on the type of values that should be taken, instead the option is given to the most comfortable move that one can take, the decision can be moral or immoral (Rae, 19)

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While making decision depending on instrumentation value, focus is given to the importance of the future. It considers that the decision made should be the best for the future. The decision is based on the society values that will elevate the society to a new height. Intrinsic value depends on the preferences given to some situation. It is simply foregoing other situations for others. While choosing the type of moral value to take, it is important to make choices objectively and avoid subjective decisions that are capable ruining the whole decision process (Rae, 19)

Moral values are generally acquired from the societies; they help in decision making of some the on most influential and strong aspects of live. Importantly a moral value is different from the ethical values in that ethical values are set of rules guiding the behavior patterns in a society. Moral ethics are basically from the character of someone.

For the situation above, the moral value was chosen from instrumental and preference values. The decision was made based on the fact that the child was in a risk even being assisted to get out of the room. Therefore it is noble decision to just leave him and rescue so that at least one survivor could be seen by the society. Arguably the child could definitely perish in both situations considering the unfavorable subjection. Though the mother was crying for the mother, the situation could be saved just simply considering the fact that the fumes had become overwhelming and suffocating had started looming. In respect to the society values, everyone was got in the same situation, unable to help each other, therefore the option was to forge every opportunity available for to be exploited.

About the best decision for the future, saving the child could have the best decision made if only the situation could allow. The second option was to have at least one person left because the mother had almost zero chance of getting out of the trap. Probably the mother would have wished her child to survive and get the best out of the future. Unfortunately all of them perished in the tragedy. It was a real compromised situation with less hope for having the child and the mother come out of fumes of burning domestic and industrial gas cylinders.

Accidents are unavoidable and if by bad luck you are involved in, the circumstances might be tricky since loss of lives may be evident. Acceptance is quite important in order to completely come of grieve. Taking a bold decision of sacrificing or compromising some situations could protect the probable life loss. Choosing among the ethics could produce the best decision that is possibly able to control mass loss.

Moral values are widely practiced by individual and rarely imposed publicly. The impacts of the moral values are widely realized depending on individuals. The most common phenomena are the sympathy people have on others who are in agony. Though they may not help a lot, the impact can be positive since the person will feel well taken care of. Human being always needs affection in whatever they do as result; they prefer to have carried on with emotions (Rhaman, 18)Societies that have choices of moral and ethical values respected have the most stable in terms of social stability.

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