1.0 Introduction

Divorce rate has greatly increased over the past few years thus resulting to a lot of children being brought up by single parents. This is mostly due to the fact that many parents fear responsibilities and avoid being committed in bringing their children up. The intent of this research project is to explore single parenthood, a problem which am currently facing, determine the extent to which single parenting has affected the well being of the victim children as well as identify ways through the well being of such children can be improved.

2.0 Literature Review

Hetherington has done some research on the effects of divorce and also explores some of the reactions that different children who have been brought up by single parents exhibit when relating with other people in the society (Hetherington 120). He goes further into explaining that most of the parents find it difficult to inform their children the cause of divorce thus making the children vulnerable to being suspicious thus ending up rejecting themselves (Hetherington 149).

3.1 Methodology hypotheses

The project is meant to determine the severity of the effects of divorce on the well being of the children as well as find a solution to this problem. Null hypotheses are; 1. Most single-parented children have poor social skills, 2. Counseling is the best way of improving these children's social skills.

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Data will be collected through interview and direct observation, where participants will be asked to fill some questionnaires. Preferred participants are single-parented children under the age of eighteen since it is in this age bracket that parental care is very vital. Data will then be compiled and analyzed and conclusion drawn from the results.

Most of the children brought up by single parents have problems with their social lives since they find it difficult to relate with other children especially in school and to maintain a permanent relationship with their friends. When they become adults, they prefer to live single or unmarried because of the mistrust of the opposite sex. To solve this problem, regular counseling should be conducted so as to encourage these children and assure them that all is well as well as give them tips on how to improve their social skills.

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendations

Children brought up in single-parent families often face difficulties in relating with other people thus they should be counseled on how to cope with this problem. It is recommended that governments should be careful to ensure that divorce is only granted in court and only when it is the last option.

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