Healthcare industry is governed by a set of ethical issues that are expected to ensure that patients get the best services. However, the failure to observe these regulations results in unethical practices that may affect people negatively. One of the current ethical issues in Milwaukee concerns giving the right treatment and prescription to patients (Unknown Author, 2011). It is the right of a patient to receive the correct medicine for a certain ailment. However, there is a problem in some healthcare facilities in Milwaukee. It has been established that this malpractice results from poor or unsatisfactory tests in the laboratories. This has resulted in a dilemma because clients are ending up with the wrong medication for diseases that have been misdiagnosed. The main stakeholders affected in this situation are the patients who end up using their money for the treatment only for their sickness to worsen. The healthcare facilities are also affected negatively due to a damaged reputation.

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Between the years of 2002 and 2009, more than 600 patients from Milwaukee have lost their lives because of the overdose and wrong drug prescriptions. This eventuality has affected the public image of the healthcare industry in Milwaukee, thus making people worried about their lives in the events that they become ill. Although this could be blamed on the people on the ground, some portion of the problem can be apportioned to the administration or the managements of healthcare facilities. This is because wrong prescriptions and misdiagnosis may result from negligent, unsupervised, or undisciplined officials (Pozgar, 2010, 17). Therefore, the management should ensure that every officer in the industry is qualified and performs his or her duties diligently. Otherwise, the personal code of ethics should prompt healthcare practitioners to deliver quality services since their clients pay them. In addition, the consequential ethics stipulate that a service provider should ensure that the services are morally acceptable and should maximally balance good over the evil (Pozgar, 2010, 5). Alternatively, the bodies governing the industry should ensure that negligent official is eliminated from the profession. However, this will have a further negative effect because the training of new officer is quite expensive.


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