In strategic human resource management, the human resource consultant needs to exercise a significant role in the clients’ organization ethics, for the organization to be   unique, different and effective in the competitive ways. There are many areas of overlap in new client organizations either in personal or industrial management, from the employer, employee and the clients, which makes it crucial for any consultant to manage the diverse workforce effectively.

The main ethical issue in such a situation is not in relying on personal knowledge and experience in former organization, but asking questions for more information regardless of the status quo. The best approach to a new client is the need to empathize in relation to how he or she may feel. Doing what comes to mind first mostly leads to criticizing wrongly and following other injustices without making references on opinion of others. This gives the organization a competitive advantage because of the performance approach to the client. This approach mainly depends on the employee commitment, job satisfaction, Superior knowhow and motivation.

The need to have a high value degree is required, in evaluation and critical thinking. This gives an aim of making a profit through key policy and strategic decisions for being one of the organizations stake holders. The ethical dilemma that arise from using personal expertise knowledge of other organizational Human Resource Management strategies to the new client, involves personal, professional and organizational consideration, based on the violation of issues of the organizations’ integrity, loyalty, legality, confidentiality and proficiency.

Most ethical dilemmas arise from employee responsibility in the organization, performance appraisal, safety and health and the restructuring and layoffs. In cash and compensation, many dilemmas arise due to salaries annual incentive plans and many others. Making a decision on such issues brings a lot of pressure in the organizations lead. There is also the rise in discrimination through the race and disability whether it is through giving service to customers or hiring employees. Many organizations have set their own ethics for performance.

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Privacy issue in the organization needs to be held in high integrity whether individual, group or organizational. Violation of this brings a big dilemma to the performance in the organization because there is no loyalty. The other greatest ethical dilemma rises in the employee issues when hiring and firing. This is so critical in the performance of any client organization.

In customizing human Resource Management strategies to business strategies, as a consultant, one needs to implement an effective improvement plan on performance and training to improve the clients’ organization service to customers. The focus in the development and training, in the organization, can be exercised through sharing of knowledge and tasks, customer service improvement and training for the purpose of career development. These helps in the expansion of the effectiveness of organization, individual and group. The process of customizing helps in focusing and working towards the market position of the organization. (Schuler & Jackson, 2007) 

Integrating the business strategy and strategic human resource management, provides the organization with better returns by effective use of people through their investment of returns for what it spends on them. The rewarding of employees increases and improves their performance, and this helps the organization in customizing the strategies which later improves the business performance. (Collings & Wood, 2009)

Importance of establishing these strategies to improve a competitive advantage is brought by assisting clients with practices, programs and processes of the human resource which help in the effectiveness of strategic integration. The improvement can also be brought by maximizing the performance of clients and providing feedback to them regarding their performance in relation to objectives of the annual management. (Mondy & Mondy, 2008)

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