This essay seeks to discuss how my personal ethics are being developed. It also seeks to determine whether development of this ethics is determined by religious, family and environmental factors. This essay will also try to highlight and discuss how the ethics are related to the business world.

What are Ethics?

Ethics are personal attributes which possess human beings. It is a very unique foundation on which every individual is able to build and form his/her own unique moral code or moral standard. This helps an individual to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. This simply means that the actions and emotions of an individual are determined and controlled by his/her moral code and standard to a particular or certain extent. In the view of this, my personal ethics can be said to be my personal principles on which I can build my life and which establish important rules or set of rules that not only help me develop and grow but that also help me change and craft many personal traits and behaviors in my life. The big question is how the personal ethics are developed. Well, it is important to note that personal development helps an individual enrich their emotional, physical and psychological attributes of themselves. In this regard, personal ethics can be developed by improving my emotional, physical and psychological attributes of my being or who I really am.

What Role do Family, Religion and Environment Play in this Development?

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Family, religion and environment play a major role in the development of personal ethics. I realize that my family members cannot shape my beliefs and dictate my morality, but they do influence my ethical boundaries. This is because ever since my childhood, my parents have tried their best to instill in me a sense of wrong and right. In this way, my parents tried to influence my moral behavior. This has helped to build a strong foundation for my personal ethics, which I now find quite simple to develop. Thus my family has greatly influenced my personal ethics and sense of morality. Additionally, religion has also greatly contributed to the development of my personal ethics. This is because the Muslim religion helps and allows individuals to build and establish moral ethics, since it has spiritual laws and rules that guide individuals. The environment also has a role to play in the development of ethics. This is because decision making and interaction with other people depends on the environment or nature, which means that the society around us influences our personal ethics as well.

Ethics and the Business World

It is important to note that ethics and issues related to ethics form a foundation at the individual level and therefore, influence the organization level or business level. It is not only important but also necessary to form sets of ethical standards in an organization. This simply means that if I am morally responsible at an individual level, then I will fit in perfectly and follow the organization set of ethical standards as well. However, an individual who has no morals and values will find it difficult to fit into the organization’s set of moral standards. Personal ethics influence the personal behavior of an individual, while business ethics are preset rules that help to guide the conduct of the business.

This means that in order to become a valuable addition to the company, I need to develop my personal ethics. Many of my friends have lost their jobs due to immoral behaviors and poor personal ethics.


This essay has outlined and described how personal ethics can be developed. It has also explained why family, religion and environment play an important role in the development of personal ethics. This paper has also tried to explain how personal ethics is related to business ethics.

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