The paper identifies and explains two ethical issues that are related to healthcare and have been discussed thoroughly in scholarly literature. Additionally, the essay discusses the competing interests and the applicable ethical theories and principles. Medical ethics has been thought to those factors we think are good or bad, right or wrong concerning medicine.

It has been noted that more than any other kind of industry, in healthcare industry, ethics and principles are issue of utmost significance. The reason is that those employed in this sector more often than not and indeed every day handle issues that have direct impact to another [person's life. It is thus very important for each and every healthcare organization to have in place an ethics committee, clearly stipulated codes of ethics as well as written rules, regulations and guidelines on how to make decisions concerning ethical issues. This help to protect and balance the interest of all relevant stakeholders (Deshpande, 2009).

Two ethical issues

Protection of patient's information is among the most serious and important issues that relates to ethics. Information concerning patient is personal and private and opt to be confidential. In the recent past, medical records of patients were made available and indeed accessible to anybody, but at present this is not the case. It has been noted that patients' records have been misused to their disadvantage. This prompted the need of making it private and confidential. Currently most of the hospital keep such record very safely and only release them when indeed there is dire need of doing so and only to the relevant authority (Nortvedt, 2004).

According to Austin W. (2007 another ethical concern is that of medical professional for instance, doctors, nurses striving to protect themselves from acquiring communicable diseases from those patients they intend to treat. It is important for these professionals prevent themselves from contracting such diseases. Despite fact they have the right of doing so, they should strive not to make patients feel uncomfortable, this they can do by ensuring that the manner with which they protect themselves is not very apparent to the patients.

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Competing interests

When it comes to ethical theories and principles application, there is a point where there is an existence of self defeating of these matters. For instance deontological rule is applicable to various fields. But when one move from a simple kind of behavioral norm, some difficulties arise for instance one can question the adaptability of traditional bioethics principles, secondly, the duty of safeguarding personal right opt to be respected despite the fact that one might be acting in a community setup that is typically of in the interest of public health.

Another point where there is a possibility of competing interests being depicted is when following utilitarianism which holds that any decision that is arrived at opt to be based on the consequences. This aims at creating greatest happiness to the greatest number. This can lead to unfairness which when followed results to individuals sacrificing their rights (Carnevale, 2009).

One principle and theory that seek to address previously mentioned draw back is that of personalism. This seeks to protect confidentiality. It respects personal rights and freedom.

Issue that relate to ethics in medical fields need to be handle with great care. This can be addressed by having in place clearly stipulated codes for everything that will be carried within the healthcare setup as well as teaching healthcare professional about the same and ensuring that the welfare of patients are at their heart. The two main ethical issue discussed herein are those that include patients medical information and the medical professionals protecting themselves from acquiring communicable diseases from patients.

There are instances whereby there is competing interest and ethical theories as well as principles. The most notable one are those of utilitarianism and consequentiality.

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