Gay marriage is a socially and legally recognized marriage precisely between two people of the same social gender or biological sex. Same-sex marriage is a political, social, civil rights, moral, and religious issue particularly in many nations. The conflict arises well over as to whether gay couples should be allowed to finally enter into marriage, or have rights to it their own way. A related issue is as to whether the term "gay marriage" is to be accepted in all avenues of life and across the globe (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003).

There have been regions where gay marriages remain legal while others are struggling to legalize the practice with arguments as to why, when and how the gay marriages should be legalized.  Opposition to gay marriage arises from a rejection of the relative use of the word "marriage" as in the application of same-sex couples or objections regarding the legal as well as social status of marriage applied under the terminology. Other reasons why there are still contentions against gay marriages include religious beliefs, social consequences of gay marriages, tradition and parenting concerns. This paper in an argument and a reflection of the thesis, Gay marriages should not be legalized (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

Gay marriages still stand as a hot button topic across the globe. State court systems across the globe for instance Massachusetts and New Jersey are considering cases perpetually to determine whether to legalize gay unions (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). Senator Tom Daschle and President Bush were the first in the United States among many politicians, to state opposition against legalizing gay marriage (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). However, looking into their arguments, there is no justification of clear reason why gay marriages should not be legalized because they only base on their emotions and cultural elements a well as religious affiliations (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). The Vatican has also been on the limelight of launching new initiatives to oppose gay marriage under the religious backgrounds. With such oppositions of gay marriages, the question remains as to whether the gay marriages should be legalized, but I stand ground that they should be legal (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

Support for gay marriage often basis upon the universal human rights issue. According to the declaration of the rights, every human being has a right to freedom that means that an individual has the freedom to choose the partner without discriminating on sex or any other attributes (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). It is therefore just to allow gay marriages under the clause that disallowing the marriages would be infringing on individual rights (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). No human being is subject to special treatment no matter the status of relationship, it is arguable that whether gay or heterosexual, everyone has a right to live the way he wants (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). Under no circumstances should the right be, denied to a person no matter the reason or justification.

As the years progress, it is becoming increasingly clear that many traditional relationships actually are outdated (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). After the introduction of the Civil Rights Movement, gay couples gradually moved into the limelight and fighting for equal rights of which they are entitled to, just like the heterosexual couples (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). No one can dispute the fact that rights are in discriminatory and cut on both ends not caring who has the right to what but giving everyone a chance to make a choice (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

According to the reports by ACLU, in 1998 January anti-gay marriage laws were relatively passed across 25 states. However, they were blocked in 24 in the United States (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). Hawaii did not actually pass the laws until November of last year, when a bill allowing gay marriages came to be, allowing the legality and validation of gay marriages (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). Homophobia has been the main contention of the many states rejecting gay marriages sweeping across the states with ideas of heterosexists’ ideas and discriminating against the gay relationships (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

A common argument against gay marriage is tradition. Basing on arguments on traditions, it is apparent that many traditions have the values and norms, which they hold for long and base on staunch man to woman marriages (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). The traditions have practiced a routine since ancient times and seem to stick to the practices. The practices portray heterosexuality as the only sound and moral marriage (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). However, they deem gay marriages as immoral and against the customs. Not even can these marriages feature in the traditions because anyone practicing it would be an enemy of the entire society as they view this as a taboo (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). Sticking to the traditions is not bad because it helps in morals of the society; however, this is not reason enough to stop gay marriages. We are in the 21st century where changes are in every avenue of life. If we take it literally that the communities across the globe still stick to traditions, then there would be no changes experienced in life for instance technology (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

I have been brought up in a home with a very strong religious family background; I was taught that the only acceptable form of marriage is that between people of opposite sex. Same sex marriage is a taboo and I don't think that gay marriages should be legalized. Things are easier said than done and thus most people usually have infinite different opinions on what behavior is morally upright. Homosexuals are not like heterosexuals and the belief that they should not be treated any lesser because of their sexual orientation is wrong. In recent years, the issue of gay, homosexuality and lesbian marriages has become very protuberant in American politics. There have been many questions raised as to whether gay marriages should be legalized in the political arena. Justice John Paul Stevens said "the fact that the governing majority in a state has traditionally viewed a particular practice as immoral is not sufficient reason for upholding a law prohibiting the practice" (Caldwell par. 7). The idea that gay marriages could be legalized and gay given equal rights that heterosexuals enjoy has seen many people condemn the practice. Many religious leaders have swayed their followers against the homosexuals. Two gay Lebanese men were assaulted by Lebanese Armed Forces in Beirut Sassine Square area. (Mahdawi, par. 9). The two men were found embracing in the lobby of an abandoned building and they were dragged into the street and beaten. "One, half naked, was even exhibited to bystanders....just for fun," said a statement by Helem a Lebanese gay right organization.

Same sex marriage is viewed by many people as contradicting the natural law. It has been denounced and often not allowed from as early as the Romans times. It is seen as a violation of the natural cause of doing things. However things have changed over years and homosexual relations are accepted and morally and socially accepted in some societies. These progressive states have even legalized same sex marriages and awards gay equal legal benefits and statuses. These social moves have resulted in a trend towards acceptance of same sex unions and they have made many people accept them despite the universal view of the practice as unnatural. Massachusetts became the first state in the US to legalize recognize gay marriage's in 2004. This opened up debates over same sex marriages in the US. These debates concurrently happen on many levels of society and mostly result in contradictory results in the political arena.

I don't believe that gay marriages should be legalized and I would be against all legislation supporting gay marriages. The bible does not support homosexuality and this is one of the reasons that I am not in support of gay marriages. Children ought to be raised in an environment where there is a mother and a father. "The ubiquity of conjugal, male-female marriage and the complete absence of same sex marriage in history underscore the point that as a matter of universal understanding marriage involved conjugal unions exclusively. That is a view that is still widely held, especially among religions with a natural law tradition such as Catholicism" (Warde, par. 11). The bible defines marriage as an institution that only men and women are supposed to enter. It is through such values that America is based.  There is need to reduce the gay and lesbian persons' own independence that has been increasing gradually.

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The United State of America principles and integrities are built upon the foundation of equality for all. This however should not be taken to mean that gay marriages should have equal rights and privileges as heterosexuals. The coveted marriage sacrament needs to be protected. Marriage under the federal law in the Defense of Marriage Act is defined as a union where one man and one woman live together. The former US president, George W. Bush sought to constitutionally protect the most fundamental institution of civilization. (Cadwell, par.6)  "Claims of sexual freedom are held to be absolute and non -negotiable, analogous to older rights such as freedom of religion, assembly and speech.

The president's ideas concurred with the majority and this shows that other people do not also agree with legalization of gay marriages. Politicians have been "fence straddling" when it comes to gay marriages, they do not agree that gays deserve full rights. The Vatican also launched an initiative which opposes gay marriages.

Many civil rights movements have been pushing for ban of same sex marriage, a belief held by many civil rights activists and movements. Gay couples should not be treated like heterosexual couples because they threaten the institution of marriage. They should not be given all marriage rights and all civil liberties that come with it. Gay marriages have led to the reduction of importance of the institution of marriage in the modern world. Young people do not place much value on marriage nowadays and most of them opt to remain single because they do not view marriage as sacred as had been done in the past. Marriage is a distinctive pledge linking a man and a woman. It usually provides a base for a society structure and acts as safety mesh to cater for children who are gotten in the union. Every child needs a mother and a father while growing up and this fact cannot be disputed. The child is able to conceive, develop and is trained in a morally upright manner.

Gay marriage is a cheap imitation of marriage and will never match the standards of same sex marriage. Parents usually try to bring up their children to have good sense of moral and legal values and this does not include accepting gay marriages. For these reasons gay marriages should not be awarded similar legal acknowledgment as heterosexual marriage. Same sex partners union is not right. My opinion should not make me be seen as a gay hater or basher, I believe that in our daily lives we should care, help and encourage each other as God wants us to do, but my standpoint is that gay marriages are wrong when viewed from all moral and religious perspectives. The fact that many people have come to acknowledge it does not alter my standpoint and I don't believe it's going to change any time soon.

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