Ethics refers to the acceptable moral values. In any field, there are ethics that guide individuals in that particular field. Ethics mould people into responsible individuals in the society. However, sometimes one may be faced with difficult situations present themselves. These are the kind of situations the stipulations of ethics and other important issues such as law. In these kinds of situations, one has to make a decision on how to act. More often than not, we are confused on whether to abide by ethics or not (Nitecki and Nitecki 21).

I was faced with such a difficult situation once. This happened when I had gone to visit my doctor for some advice at his home. On arrival, something seemed amiss since nobody opened the door. Eventually, I decided to let myself into his apartment since the door was opened. I noticed drops of blood on the floor of his house and this made me panic. I followed the trail of the blood that led me into his bedroom. His body lay on the floor and his clothes were bloody. I was in shock. It was difficult to tell whether he was still alive or whether he was dead. I was confused and did not know what to do.

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At that moment, several things ran through my mind. Touching his body could destroy forensic evidence. It could also frame me as his murderer. On the other hand, my moral values were pushing me to find out if everything was alright. The law forbids any interference with a crime scene. Eventually, I made a phone call alerting the police.

In such a situation, one would be motivated to act spontaneously so as to help the victim. One would also be motivated by the fact that they would probably save a life. However, it is crucial to look at the consequences and find out whether there is any other alternative.

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