Although no information is given about the author, the reader gets information on the reasons behind teacher turnover and how it affects the success in the performance of students. Target audiences of this article include the educators, schools, taxpayers, communities and students who are immensely affected by the teachers’ turnover in schools. Research study reveals on the use of induction as a way of addressing the teacher satisfaction problem that leads to the rapid increase in teachers’ turnover every academic year. The article is valuable as it emphasizes on improvement of working conditions together with comprehensive induction use as a way of providing an environment that enriches the success of teachers besides, refining the quality of education.

Authors of this article are instructional coaches who give an insight view on the prominence of coaching in the empowerment of teachers in order to progress towards their students’ performance. The article main audience consists of administrators and teachers attending to students in a school set up. In the article oversight, view on how coaching worked out in Barberton City (OH) School District among the staff members, local teachers and unions while reflecting on its end result in building wide change. Indeed, successful coaching program is through building a trusting relationship between the teacher and the coach by maintaining a high level of confidentiality. This article is beneficial as it advises administrators and teachers on selection of appropriate time for the coaching program besides the use of teamwork for improvement in students’ performance.

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Although no information is given concerning the authors, they seek to explain the significance of peer counseling program. Information in the article is useful to the state, district and school leadership based on the effectiveness of supporting coaching activities. In the article, the use of peer coaching program professional development strategy in improvement of the quality of teaching by investing funds in it is necessary for assisting teachers to be consistent in producing standard academic achievements. More emphasis is based on the design of the peer coaching model to improve levels of implementation of new instructional techniques and curriculum by promoting a culture of collaboration and professionalism among teachers. The articles provide beneficial information in accessing the available types of peer coaching programs, effectiveness of strategies, problems and the necessary support for a peer coaching program.

Although no information is given about the authors, the articles give the significance of instructional coaching of teachers as a way of improving student performance. Target audience includes coaches, administrators, teachers and schools. The article shows how effective coaching based on feedback, reflective process, content based, needs communication besides consumer of the coaching program giving the coach their expectation as the program transpires in addition, to the schedule of the program. This article is constructive as it gives information on how coaching has a variety of consumers and the need of maximizing coaching benefits.

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