Human interest
The humans in the early age used different tools for his survival and especially for hunting so he could get his food and make life better than it was; this was his centre of interest. His characteristic was based on using the ancient tools. They used to grunting then the humans moved to gabbing. This might be the reason why humans talk today. Due to the interests that the early man had brought to the link of the human edge, this clearly shows how humans change due to natural selection thou they have found it had to change some of the characteristics considering this change is slow and gradual (Gould 34). Considering that we used to be hunters and gatherers and now we have adapted to news ways of living where we use modern tools of farming.
There has been greater interest in the humans becoming better humans from generations to generations; this has greatly helped in improving the human species. This story can be linked with the Charles Darwin’s evolution theories of natural selection. He believed that traits are passed from one organism to the other and this makes the organisms to share a common origin. The human behavior is slow and gradual according to Darwin’s theory. Humans were found to use.
The modern evolution as we see today has adapted the gene mutation which happens very quickly and we also adapted to the new way of feeding which greater effect on our body has compared to the early man. In today’s era we create our own environment which has great effect on us. In modern world we have new technology that can overcome mutations therefore making us or our bodies to select genes through new medicines (Emerson 4). It appears that the change will continue and in future will have different species in the world.

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