Letter Identification is a learning process which involves distinguishing the name, characteristics and formation of the twenty six upper and lower case symbols used in the English language. The experiment done involved systematic manipulation of letter properties and individuals had to distinguish the visual characteristics of the letters manipulated and the visual features they employ in letter identification.

The major concern that arose from the experiment was biased results during data input. Letters that looked similar got biased results as pressing the letter “c” was easier than pressing “<” key. For an individual to press “<” key, shift key should accompany the stated key. The above concern affects the execution of the experiment, resulting in erroneous data collection.

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Quick data collection affects the accuracy of collected data as high data collection speeds affect the judgment of a researcher interfering with the entire research outcome. Letter ambiguity, was another concern noted. Letters “I” and “l”, “U” and “O”, if not well documented can cause confusion to the researcher, resulting in data collection errors.

In order to avoid the problems stated above, the experiment should focus on accuracy through using keyboard keys that are easier to manipulate for example, button “A” can be used to identify letters that are similar while button “L” can identify letters that are different. The research should also be done in controlled speed. This would reduce data bias and data errors respectively.

Proper reference should be done before performing the experiments to reduce ambiguity in letter identification. This will enable the correcting of any uncertainties in the experiment to bring out accurate data collection for better analysis.

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