Human being is a curious creature. We can not stay doing nothing. We are always interested in something. We are eager to set up goals for ourselves and achieve them. Only in searching and achieving is sense of life. The overwhelming majority of people agree with such opinion.

Speaking about things people like to search for I must say that happiness is on the top of such list.

Happiness is an inexplicable thing. It is something ephemeral, relative and elusive. And at the mean time it is the strongest motivator that makes us desperately and constantly search for it. There is nothing else in the world we are so eager to find.

Psychologists say that happiness has common features though for different people it is not the same. But because nobody knows for sure when and where one can find it, the process of looking for happiness becomes similar to the rush caused by the series of books about Waldo, a strange guy with smiley face and wearing striped red and white T-shirt. Waldo is bright as well as happiness is well-known to many of us. However, both of them are carefully hidden among numerous nondescript details.

Like Waldo can be found in a picture filled with thousands of tiny images and objects, happiness is believed to be revealed in many the most unexpected things one can not even imagine. And the more difficult the way of searching for the happiness is the more appreciated is happiness itself. Besides, looking for Waldo in the picture one has to investigate a lot of other pictures. According to the author’s plan these pictures are included in order to enrich knowledge of a person involved in the rush because each big picture outlines a special sphere of life.

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The same is with happiness. While we are trying to achieve the main goal, i.e. to find happiness we have to go through a lot of various tests life provides us and face with many obstacles and situations. All of them do not happen accidentally. They are a part of so-called “life-plan” created from above. At least strong believers tend to think like this. Is it so or not, but as they say “what does not kill us makes us stronger”.

The interesting thing here to think about is the process of searching for the happiness can last for an unlimited period. The scheme of rush often proceeds from the common opinion and stereotypes. Many examples can be provided in order to support this vision.

We were always told that good work can make human being be happy. Keeping this idea in mind we desperately try to find this “perfect work” hoping it would be able to erase all existing problems and bring as much happiness as nothing else is able to bring. In real happiness via self-realization in work results in constant changing of work place, necessity to adjust oneself to new environment and stress that makes us cry “Where are you happiness? Where are you Waldo, really?”…

The same is with love. While having relationships with somebody people tend to think they are not perfect. They fall apart and search for new love. But in many cases there is all the same. As a result, many pictures are investigated but Waldo is not found. Time is wasted.

In conclusion I would like to say that the process of searching is not an easy thing. And it does not matter if it is a game or a serious task to fulfill. Final goal and reward adds sense to the process of searching. If we decided to search for happiness we should keep in mind that for different people it is different. There is no perfect work but happiness is possible if one will do what he/she loves and will love what he/she does. There is no ideal love. But it depends on the efforts we make and the wisdom we apply. We should never give up and finally I am sure, everyone will find his/her own Waldo.

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