Determination is not new to human beings. Throughout history, human beings have exhibited the tendency to strive for challenging difficult things. In this essence, determination is not a natural phenomenon such as talent. While talent may exist in a person and fail to be utilized, determination is only evident when a person puts effort towards a certain achievement (Deci & Ryan, 1985). Determination is a belief in oneself such that one strives to achieve what other people would consider too difficult to achieve. In order to attain determination, one has to ignore all perceived weaknesses and believe that he or she has the capability to achieve his aim. This means that the concept of determination surpasses intelligence (Graham, 2011). Even those who know that they are not intelligent can master determination. When a person has determination, he or she will put effort towards achievement of a certain cause.

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The ability to overcome all barriers to achieve a certain objective characterizes determination. The concept of determination usually focuses on a particular discipline, in which the person in question is capable of excelling. On the other hand, talent and intelligence helps a person to excel in a certain field with strict limitations on the means that could be used to realize achievements. Determination requires that a person should strive to achieve a certain goal through any feasible means (Graham, 2011). On the other hand, determination has the capability to turn all other talents and gifts of an individual into reality. Talent, intelligence, wit, physical strength, and many other positive characteristics of a successful person become useful through determination. It is because of determination that these natural endowments are exploited to their maximum in the quest for a desired goal (Deci & Ryan, 1985).

 The concept of determination relies on strong will. This means that a person with determination pursues his or her goals relentlessly despite any impediments that may occur in the course of the struggle.

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