Many thinkers in society have played various contributions through their creativity. Bill Gates, a self-made person from the USA, has contributed immensely in the software development industry. After initiating his company, Microsoft in 1975, he has relentlessly worked to make it a multinational firm. As a result, he has earned significant amounts of profits, which have enabled the company to provide corporate social responsibly and numerous benefits to the employees. James Cone, an advocate of the black liberation theology, has contributed to the shaping of Christianity by discouraging the disparity that existed between the whites and the blacks. Daniel C. Dennett is a philosopher from America who has made multiple contributions in the field of psychology regarding biology and cognitive science. His contributions have been immense through support of the Brights association. Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher with specialization in applied ethics. His perspective of handling ethical matters on material, predilection, and functionality has contributed to the improvement of humanity. Jean-Paul Sartre was a French philosopher who contributed to the political activism and criticism. In this regard, he influenced sociology, critical studies, and literary education. Nelson Mandela was the  former president of South Africa who despite his detainment during the struggle for independence never created any rift among the whites and the blacks. In addition, he advocated for reconciliation through the introduction of policies that mitigated poverty and inequality.

Albert Einstein, in his efforts of creativity in the field of physics, experienced multiple challenges. The assumptions he made while undertaking his role as a physicist entails the effects of war and pacifism. In this regard, he put a lot of effort to ensure that all his undertakings were peace oriented and affected people’s life positively. Due to the fear of the anticipated dictatorship of Hitler, he immigrated to the USA, where he made multiple contributions in the field of science. Regarding Helen Keller, a deaf-blind woman who initially faced discrimination, she was able to advocate for the rights of women and physically disabled. Her assumptions pertained that all people were the same and could face challenges in the same perspective. Saul Kripke, an American philosopher and logician, has made multiple contributions in the field of metaphysics. Despite that, most of his works were not published. He was influential in the philosophical thoughts of the American society and in the field of mathematics.

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The general principles of research require that it should be controlled, rigorous, systematic, valid, empirical, and critical. With the conduction of the experiment in this manner, the research would yield the anticipated efforts of discovering knowledge about a certain phenomenon. Any research undertaken in the workplace should be controlled with some particular factors to achieve the desired goals. Since the process is objective, it should be undertaken in a systematic, rigorous, and critical manner. This implies that at the end of the research, it should be valid and empirical, if there is a need to proof it. Web-based research is an appropriate research for conducting descriptive and explanatory researches. Descriptive research demands the web-based approach, since there is a need to describe the situation, problem, or phenomenon. The available information helps in making conclusions. Explanatory research needs the web-based approach, since it entails the study of relationship between two or more phenomenon.

When undertaking a research, there are rights and obligations that distinguish the relationship between a client sponsor and a respondent. In this case, a client sponsor has the right to conduct the research in a field of interest and in a place where respondents are accessible. Their obligation is to ensure that respondents understand what is required of them and act accordingly. For the respondents, they have the right to notification and their contribution held confidential. On the other hand, their obligation is to observe the conditions of the researcher and contribute to his effort where necessary. In carrying out the research process, there are bound to be ethical challenges such as being biased, incorrect reporting, and inappropriate use of information. 

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