The most serious problem that world the experiences today is poverty. As opposed to many views that have been presented by many individuals expressing there fears and concerns over terrorism, global climate change and the global economy’s state, my view is that extreme poverty is a very serious than all these. The evidence is quite clear, studies carried out around the world over the recent past and even today put the problem above others for the serious and devastating implication it has had on the society and the world as a whole (The World Bank, 2010).

Many institutions and individuals have tried to define what poverty means for instance, consumption of less than a dollar a day, but there is more to it than just this definition. Each day people are dying of hunger, especially in Africa, Pacific and East Asia due to this menace. The situation has been viewed as being more persistent day bay because due to the state of global economy, the rate of people lacking access to basic needs is swelling swiftly.

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Poverty is responsible for many of the problems being witnessed today. If I were asked to discuss what it was, I would say that poverty is having no shelter, is hunger, it is being ill and with no ability to seek the doctor’s intervention. The list is endless because poverty has denied many individuals access to basic education and clean water (The World Bank, 2010). Additionally, extreme poverty is the major cause of disempowerment, lack of freedom and representation among many of the world societies today.

Any society can not claim to be progressing today without addressing the issue of poverty because it has brought along many side effects with it. Just like many industrialized countries are largely to blame for green house gas emission in the atmosphere, poverty has made many people destroy major catchment areas and natural resources. It has also increased the rate of HIV/AIDS pandemic in developing world among other negative implications.

To sum up the whole discussion, it must be reiterated that poverty is the most serious problem facing the world today because of the many devastating effects it has impacted on the society today. Because of it, many people are dying of hunger, many lack access to basic healthcare and education, just to mention a few. 

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