Utilitarian is a theory that explains how worth of an action is solely determined by its contribution to overall utility, satisfaction and happiness. This theory is guided by two principles, and one of them is the consequentiality principle which states that the exactness or wrongness of an act is determined by the result that a rises from such decision. The second principle is the utility principle that states that the only thing that is in fact correcting some specific type of state of mind, satisfaction or bliss.


The strength of Utilitarian theory a rises from the fact that it allows everyone to be happy which makes it appealing to many. The theory assures us that when we act in a manner to make ourselves happy while also keeping in mind others happiness in mind we all end up happy collectively. Human beings strive for happiness in life in all their endeavors because happiness comes with the satisfaction. The driving force of life is satisfaction according to this theory and satisfaction comes with happiness.

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The utilitarian theory has a number of weaknesses, for example it is extraordinarily demanding in that if one should act in the manner to bring universal happiness then much goes out even to the extent of making one unhappy. A complete example can be giving money to a charitable organization makes the less fortunate individuals happy at the expense of people. The theory also places much emphasis on happiness rather than fairness thus advancing inequality in the society.


In conclusion, we can assert that even though the theory had number shortcomings, the benefits derived from the same are enormous. The fact that the theory promotes happiness in the human race advances global harmony. Incidences of war will become outdated, and this will be a significant step in curbing human misery caused by wars. Utilitarian theory is a key factor to us because happiness is all we strive for in life.

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