Identity theft is the act of using another persons’ personal information on the expense of the victim. The impersonator may obtain personal data such as personal identification number, the name of the person and other confidential data about the person. Impersonators may use the information acquired to charge transactions to the individuals’ bank accounts and to extremities they may use the information to open new accounts under the victim’s details. In extreme instances the identity thieves may use the impersonated identity to commit crimes under the victim’s identity leading to serious legal problems for the victims. Identity theft may also be conducted through the internet where by someone hacks into personal accounts and obtains the information.

There several types of identity theft, they include; criminal identity theft, synthetic identity theft, medical identity and child identity theft. Criminal identity theft-occurs when an individual tries to impersonate another person’s name and also personal data such as birth certificate, personal identification number, to a law officer during a probe or arrest. In other cases someone may provide fake license containing another individual’s information. Medical identity theft-is situation where an individual tries to misuse another person’s identity to access medical services. Consumer protection stipulates that medical theft identification occurs when an individual receives a medical bill when he/she did not attend to. Child identity theft-refers to stealing of a minor child identity of which the imposter uses the identity for his/ her personal benefit. Child identity is commonly committed by a guardian against the child (Hanel 63).

Financial identity theft-is a felony of which an individual impersonates another for the purpose of using is his/her financial information for personal gain. For example, using someone credit card to access is funds. Synthetic identity theft-can be defined as the alteration of someone else information for the purpose of accessing his/her personal data or banking information.

Reasons why people steal other people’s identity- identity theft have become a huge problem to the community. Criminal mastermind of all sorts are trying to impersonate other peoples information and also others are selling other people information. The impersonators pose as someone else with the intention of seeking a lucrative job, applying for credit cards or indulging in business ventures (Vacca 58).

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In this modern world thieves have to be smart and intelligent. They have to look for other ways of doing there their business. Thieves have discovered that they can venture into other ways of conducting their routine like the identity theft. Through impersonation they are able to steal other people’s information and use them to their benefit. They have evolved ways that they can maximise their benefits. One of the benefits they gain is that they can impersonate someone to make unauthorized purchases. They use the data in the credit cards to make purchases for the goods that they want and services that they prefer. When an identity thieves utilises the credit card to the credit limit they can dispose the card and getting away with it easily (Hoffman, McGinley and Hoffman 43).

Identity thieves may use another persons’ information to get away with the crimes that they commit. This sort of crime happens through the internet. The other advantage identity theft is that the thieves want to make some money through you. For instance, in this new technology era, someone can hack into your email account and will send emails to your contact list requesting for money that you are in an emergency. Many of the contacts will fall for this trap and they will be reaped off huge sums of money (Pope 39).

The only main risk of identity theft is just being arrested by the law enforcement officers. Impersonation is a crime and when court you may serve a jail term if found guilty. To reduce the cases of identity theft in the society there are basic steps that can be followed; the best way of not falling a dupe of identity is becoming careful with the personal information, an individual should be unwilling to provide personal data to the people we do not trust. Concealing your information about your financial position to your credit card should be a secret. Identity theft individuals may try calling you impersonating your financial institution and they may request for your personal data, you should tell them that the information that they require to check on the companies files. To be more secure from falling for a victim your personal identification number/ social security number you should minimize how often you hand out the information to individuals to whom they is of less importance (Biegelman 67).

The other point is that when on travel, an individual should request his/her mails to be held of entrust one of your family members to collect the mail for you and keep them safely while you are away. It is always important to check your financial data often so you can be able to monitor your transactions and be updated regularly on what should be there. If you have a credit you should be requesting your monthly statements. Always maintain bank records and financial records. If someone becomes a victim of personal identity theft or fraud, she should act immediately by reporting to the authorities and the bank to curb the damage to financial accounts and personal funds as well protecting personal reputation.

In Florida, an identity has been charged with fraud of obtaining addresses, names, and personal identification numbers from the internet and using those data to apply for a numerous car loans over the internet.

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