The American Civil war began back in the year 1775. The war just began between the Americans and the Great Britain but later extended to other countries and became a global war. As much as this war separated the Americans, it made them attain their own nation. After the civil war, the Americans experienced economic and physical bottleneck. This was due to the rapid increase of their population. Most of the people were moving to the west for new opportunities. This was easier for most of them to move, as there was easy access to the area (Freidel 97). They were mainly moving to the land for gold mining process. This made America to develop so fast and their economy was back on track. The roads passed through Appalachian Mountains. First, the Americans settled at Northwest Territory. This was later converted into a State according to the Northwest Ordinance.

Through Mississippi, they pushed the Indians to the east. They used whatever means, including bribery, bribery, and tricks. The Americans were moving not just on the west but also on the south aiming the present town known as Florida. In the year 1810, Americans had started their settlement in the west. Although this was not legal, they had to push their way in. This led to the Indian war. The Indians living in the west Florida started fighting with the Americans in order to acquire back their land. Although the Americans were moving to the west, other tribes were living there for so many years. Spanish had been living in west since 1500s. This never discouraged the Americans from moving to the west.

Mexican welcomed the Americans to live in Texas but on condition that they be loyal to them. Americans agreed though this was never practical (Mahoney 315).The Americans flocked in the town until they outnumbered the Mexicans. When the Mexicans wanted to stop the Americans immigration, it was too late as the Americans were already many compared to the Mexicans. The Americans now had started desiring their own government. They started strategizing on how to overpower the Mexican and remove them from power. They finally overpowered the Mexicans and took over the land. Open land and other existing problems undoubtedly encouraged the Americans to expand to the west. As much as Indians had settled in the land for so many years, the Americans considered the land as an empty wilderness and they decided to take the dangerous move to the west. The Americans had to move out the Indians and take the land, anyway or anyhow.

The nation was facing transportation problem because there were only few roads for coaches. These coaches moved so slowly making transportation a nightmare. The Americans being led by John Calhoun decided to improve the road systems and canals. They decided they were going to conquer the space (Nystrom 42).This revolution of the roads had a significant impact to the lives of everyone living in the west. The improvement of the roads and the Erie Canal later led to a big conflict between the Indians and the Americans. The development of the Erie Canal led to development of more other canals in other countries. Farm products were now flowing from the west and all the roads was now leading to the west. The Indians tried to resist but they could not manage. All they had to do was to accept peacefully the west movement of the Americans. The Indians were forced to move to the east and leave the land to the Americans as the American had conquered already. The Americans were now controlling most of the industries in the west and they were doing so well. The cotton market was now doing so well in the west.

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Reasons for growth and how the policy of laissez-faire improved the businesses

There was a massive economic growth in the land. The open wilderness gave people another chance to start over again. There was profit opportunity, in the west. Farmers were moving from north to west, as farming in the north was not profitable. This led to industrialized revolution in the west making textile a leading and booming business. Those farmers in the north with small farms sold their land and came to the west to start it all over again. Improved road systems attracted more customers to the west and this improved the economy of the country. They saw that it was rational for one to have a farm in the west than to have it in the north.

Apart from improved transportation, there was free land for farming. Textile later became the leading and the use of machines brought about industrialization at a extremely high speed. This industrialization led to the many changes and much development in the United States. People were now moving from their rural areas to other urban parts like Boston and New York. The businesses whether small or big was developing extremely fast. This was because of the policy of laissez-faire (Mahoney 215). There was no law protecting the workers. People worked for so many hours, getting less payment. There was an attempt of building labor unions in the year 1869 by knights of labor group. The improvement of roads was one of the main reasons that led to development in the United States. Good roads increased the number of customers who could reach the area. Most people saw this opportunity and began building their own lines immediately they were given their own land. The government played a prominent role of encouraging the growth of many businesses by implementing the policy of laissez - faire that needed minimum regulations.

Role of business magnate and the Influence of Social Darwinism

Business magnate who can sometimes be referred to as a tycoon, or a baron, simply means a person who has grown prominent in a certain industry. American industries that one can become a baron include and not limited to mining, petroleum, and logging. According to Mead's analysis, self is social emergent and one is not born with it (Nystrom 67). Self is something that develops with time. It just grows when one grows socially and gets experience on various activities. Barons were used to assist in further development of the country by investing further their wealth. This was just to ensure that there is money circulating in the economy thus improving people's lifestyle in one way or another.

Social Darwinism improved imperialism by making the affected nations consider that their imperialistic scheme was a natural turn of actions and not brutal as some were taking it. Some people believed it to be an oppressing government system. The imperialistic nations were out to explore the other countries (Freidel 65). The imperialistic nations exploited even the other countries culture. Weaker countries were affected and most of them were taken and brainwashed. According to the social Darwinism, it was not easy to survive it was only the fitted who survived. The imperialistic countries multiplied extremely fast and survived while the others were overtaken, and their lifestyle changed. The barons contributed so much to ensure that social Darwinism was in existence. They would go to a weak country and impose their own laws and push for them to be implemented. Most of the weak countries were brainwashed.

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