The big history takes a look of the past starting from the Big bang to modernity. It uses common theme and patterns. Various multi disciplinary are used to explain. Bryson book covers everything that is scientific yet the author does not use scientific terms. He uses different jokes to make the book so interesting and enjoyable to read. In chapter one, the Big bang theory is introduced. The theory explains vividly about what happened after the explosion. It does not base the discussion on the bang action. The theory is not against religious views and may contain religious views. This is because; there may be chances that the bang might have been caused by God.

In Chapter two, the author explains that our planet is in the universe and as much as there are other planets in the universe that resemble the earth, it is not possible to live there (Gibler 56).  In those other planets there are chances that there is life there and the physical appearance just like earth are the same. Chapter three brings out clearly the discovery in the 18th and 19th century. It talks about Planck, Einstein and Feynman. More discoveries that happened in the 20th century are also brought up in the forth chapter (Bryson 29).  Human structure and the physical appearance of the earth are discussed in chapters five and six. Bryson was involved in the campaigns of stop drop. This was campaign that was ensuring cleanliness in the streets. This is allowed in religious too. The experts said that, cleanliness is next to godliness. This campaign was allowed by both the scientist and religious people. Bryson tells us that there is another life apart from just the earth. This is also found in religious believes who also know of life after death.

Bryson brings out the story of creation of stars and the life on earth in a different manner as compared to the Christian views. Asteroid entered the earth atmosphere at a very high speed. The speed was so high such that the air was compressed just like that in a bicycle pump. After entering into the atmosphere, meteorite slammed on the earth surface. The living things that were never killing by the heat that was there during the entry will be killed during the blast. This will happen at the end. It is this blast that is believed will kill all the people in the earth. This is not according to Christians believes (Proncell 54). It is believed that at the end, not all people are going to die. In fact, those who will be dead will be raised by God and face the judgment.

According to Bryson, he argues that the ash that will be caused because of the fire on earth will bloat the sun. This darkness will be one of the indications that the end is just around the corner. This is believed will take so many days if not years. According to Christians, there will be no fire on earth. Fire is believed to be there but in hell. Fire will come after darkness has prevailed. It is not clear how darkness will come but it is known there will be darkness, then a bright light just before the judgment. Unlike Bryson, Christians believe that all the dead living things will be revived back to life. According to Bryson, he believes that all the living things will be destroyed by the last blast.

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Bryson' approach has various strengths (Bryson 32).  The approach is a global perspective approach. The approach is open to all the disciplines of scholars to read and grasp scientific information. The fact that the author was not a scientist in fact is what makes people go for the book. The author has used very simple terms to convey very complicated information on science.  The approach focuses on the future events more and this gives the readers an idea of how the future will be. This is same as the Christian approach as there is also a future prediction on how the earth will end. Bryson offers a defense mechanism to the readers. He explains how the people can avoid the fire and what to do incase of the blast. None of the theory leaves anything unturned. Every step is explained vividly on the whole process of the happenings. He does not however offer advice on what should be done to prevent the blast. In Christian values, it is believed that someone's behaviors will determine if one will be burnt or survive. It is believed that for one to survive, then one must have good characters.

Bryson discovers a foundation that is under shore ditch. He wins Aventis Prize for his writing skills. This is also a strength that has contributed much on his approach. This approach of Bryson has so many developments that are affecting human beings directly in every day's lives. He is an environmental activist and learns how to encourage people preserve their land. Just like the way you cannot separate language from the speaker, it is the same way one cannot separate the driver from the driven vehicle. Bryson addresses the knowledge gap between the architectures and the scientists. He shares discoveries about scientists and their discoveries.

In today's life, most people perceive universe in a different manner but this does not seem to be happening with the Christians. From Christian perspective, Galileo was seen to have created a modern astronomy (Diem- Lane 76).  He takes an eye glass and uses it to view the sky instead of viewing the ship. This was an invention of a telescope that is used to date. Using this eye glasses, he discovered other planets that had never been discovered before. Initially the Christians believed that everything used to revolve around earth and there was no other planet that was like earth. According to Christians, they believed that they could see the furthest star and the stars were not far from each other. From religious point, God is believed to be playing with galaxies. The recent study on galactic evolution ruled out the belief in Church which says that god created. The study reveals that, galaxy tend to collide with each other creating patterns. Float in space is a modified telescope which is designed such that it can detect small planets like earth. It is able to detect the light. Christianity and science goes together and the first step to see the face of God is by accepting the works of science (Bryson 34).

All these approaches have a historical background. As much as the scientific approach keeps on evolving year after year, it has a historical background back in the years of before Christ. The Christian approach main weakness is that it never grows and most of the believers continue using the past believes. The scientific approach grows and takes changes as it comes. Christianity is not just all about getting together with other people well. It is all about finding out and knowing more about the surrounding and watching the sparrows and lilies of the rivers. All these approaches are very important scientifically and the Christians should revolve with the revolving universe and accept the changes that keep on coming with the study of the scientists.

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