From ancient times, America has been a place where cultures melt away. Immigrants who come to the United States of America do so to look out for opportunities to boost their lives. A good example of these immigrants is the Filipinos who in the company of people from other parts of the world meet oppression and they are forced to abandon their culture. They do so in order to stand a good chance in the job market. The pursuit of the American dream is a common platform for all immigrants. Indeed, America is not a land of only one race. It is not even a land of a particular class of men. America is a country of many races that have been assimilated together to pursue more or less similar goals and objectives in life. America characterizes people from various races that have suffered and toiled and that have known defeat and oppression from the Indians all the way to the Filipino pea pickers (Wesling, p. 56).

Assimilation to the culture of Americans is not a forceful engagement but a liberal move by immigrants occasioned by the need to cope well in the new society. All immigrants including the Filipinos consider themselves as Americans. Therefore, America has in the recent past been perceived as a collective autobiography. This acts as a testimony to the endurance and trials of the Filipino immigrants in the United States. This further shows a profound continuous conflicting feeling regarding the American promise and the chronological treatment of the Filipino immigrants to the United States. This seems to fluctuate between the opposite sides of desperation and hope, renunciation and faith based on the US democracy collective project (Wesling, pp. 55-70). The Filipinos were ultimately uplifted and colonized by members of the United States within the country. They were treated as fellowmen in various aspects. They were also educated and they gradually shun their cultural orientation and moved towards Americanization.

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