The society has begun getting concerned about the social impact of Monster High, a brand of fashion dolls from the Mattel Company. The dolls characterize the life of teens of legendary monsters going through various struggles in high school especially being a bully. The company is using its executives together with two women Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson who made up the ‘Kind Campaign’ to seek solutions to the widespread problem of bullying in schools (Schmidt, 2). These ladies from Pepperdine University have been to more than 300 organizations and schools teaching why  it is important to be kind to middle and high school girls.

The efforts of Ms. Parsekian who recorded a documentary of their journey, ‘Finding Kind’ together with Ms. Thomson drew the media attention including such personalities as Dr. Phil and Ryan Seacrest.. Ms. Pantel, the vice president who is in charge of girls marketing at Mattel, commended the ladies when he heard them during a radio interview and expressed his company’s pleasure with these women. “We liked their solution-based approach to what was becoming a serious problem in America.” (Schmidt, 6).The partnership is benefiting both sides where Mattel is strengthening its Moster High brand and in the process, help eliminate a social problem.  The public is satisfied with Mattel that it makes dolls and at the same time handles a social crisis. The Monster High brands include dolls, clothing line, various books, TV programs and a website that shows animated pictures with more than 80 million hits so far (Schmidt, 8).

The ‘Kind Campaign’ inventors are capitalizing on the Monster High enthusiasts’ support which will enable them to meet more girls around the nation. They are doing this due to the fact that they have been able to get good publicity through their campaign. At one time Ms Persekian and Ms. Thompson  appeared on the Mattel’s websites, “monsterfied”, teaching the audience how to respect each other (Schmidt 10). This was used as a marketing platform for their idea of treating each other in an ethical way and people were more than willing to listen to them. Mattel is sponsoring various community events to observe Bullying Prevention Month in October (Schmidt, 13). This is expensive for the company, but it is important to spend money on the content and stories that are a central part of the brand, the Monster High.

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