Industrial revolution America occurred over a period of about a hundred years. This was the time that was characterized with a lot of inventions. People harnessed a lot of wealth and the control over the country experienced a major shift.  Even though some people believe that this period was harmful, there was much benefit than harm.  There are some opinions held that the revolution process did not benefit the average American citizen. Industrial revolution in America was however very useful because the people’s living standards were greatly improved through high-level technology invention. People had equal opportunities of gathering wealth and a lot of people got the privilege of taking part in controlling America. One of the main benefits that were occasioned by the industrial revolution was the fact the inventions promoted growth of industry and general development. These inventions include iron and steel, crude oil and railroad. The invention of the railroad made bulk transportation less difficult and efficient. Ordinary people could also travel between cities for less cost and within short time periods. Postal services hence flourished and small cities were established that finally led to urbanization.

Iron and steel invention was not only used in creating more inventions but also created a lot of employment in America as at then. In the mid 19th century, the availability of both iron and steel was made easy. This further translated into less cost for the iron and steel materials and products. Other developments in the iron and steel industry like the coke-manufacturing methods emerged. The supply for the railroads was thus made sufficiently enough to serve the people of America. There was a boom in economy and a lot of opportunities were created for development. One invention led to another and many people were involved in the process of industrial revolution.

Every person during the industrial revolution had a chance to make wealth. There was no way that the poorer people could blame their bankruptcy to the big industries. Crude oil benefited people of different origins. The discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in 1859 was of great significance to the civil war. Just like any other war, the civil war was fought with the aim of benefiting the average person. Therefore, crude oil invention was of benefit to everyone in the American society. Crude oil in times of the civil war was a major boost to economic prosperity. It provided money to the American government for the country’s use. A network of oil pipelines was constructed in1865. This connected both telegraph systems and railroads. It also promoted greater efficiency in scheduling, pricing and production.

During this time, one John D. Rockefeller emerged as a significant figure even though he created a monopoly on the oil resource.  This development would not be of any benefit to the country. The government took measures to make things fair through the ruling of the “Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States.” In the case, the Standard Oil Company was disbanded through a Supreme Court order. The concept of monopoly was dealt with and the competitive nature of the market was restored. Competing companies during the time included: “Chevron” “Mobil” and “Exxon”. Government measures taken to address such issues ensured equal accessibility to development for each and every person despite the social and economic classes. It was not a scam for the rich but it was a time that was of great benefit to the people who lived in America during the time.

The industrial revolution led to the emergence of a very big market and demand for both unskilled and skilled workers. Jobs were also available for the women. Household income therefore increased from the previous ones. Because many more workers were added to the job market, production increased. The prices of products were thus affordable to everybody. Industrial revolution helped the American people in matters of economics and efficiency. The working class was also assisted in matters to do with politics. The argument made previously was that the government was controlled by the wealthy because they made most of the business deals while the wealthy were in ownership of all the companies during the time. However, these claims can be refuted by the fact that the wealthy people sold out stocks to the middle class citizens by giving them a certain portion of the Company. Generally, opportunities existed for all and anybody could climb up the economic and political ladder.

Looking at the early stages, the United States began early and very strong with the textile industries. This proved to be very useful. The nation was in the factor of trading with other nations across borders. It was involved in the exportation and importation of products internationally. Industrialization in the United States thus grew very fast although was followed by a downfall. Cotton from the south was very crucial in the industry for the United States. However there were also other consequences when the United States used cheap labor as provided by the slaves and ultimately led to the split between the south and the north. Such events account for the importance of the industrial revolution in the international arena. The history of industrial revolution brought about a lot of changes in regional and power control. Countries started advancing to one another which led to some sort of conflict. This is what ideally led to the many wars that resulted during that time.

The United States continued to excel in innovations and inventions with Robert Fulton being the first American to make a steam engine. This was achieved through the application of steam power to ship vessels. Steam boats also formed a very important part in the economy of the United States. This was mainly because of the reason that, a proportion of the raw materials from the United States as well as trade goods were transported through steamboats along rivers and the coastal regions as well. These inventions continued to pile up benefits towards the economy of the Americans and the nation at large. The telephone was also invented during the industrial revolution age. This was a very significant invention since it facilitated business and communication. It generally improved efficiency in trading and impacting positively on the economy at large. As a result, phones were installed in factories, railroad stations, offices and railroads among other business centers and locations. The improved communication ultimately translated into an improved economy of the United States.

Generally, the industrial revolution was a very important time in the history of the United States. There were a lot of inventions that emerged during this time. These inventions directly boosted the economic status of the United States. It was a great take off period for the United States in matters of economic and political development. The economic power of the United States soared to great heights and consequently made the nation superior in the international market. There was the emergence of great and many opportunities which spurred growth through the mobilization of resources. It was a very interesting moment for the United States as one invention led to another. Even though some wars emerged during the time, America stood out during these challenging times and secured its position on the global map. This time of industrial revolution had a lot of positive effects on American than negative ones.

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